Blind Skateboards Review: A Comprehensive Guide

Blind skateboards

Blind has been in the skateboard industry since 1989, under Steve Rocco’s World Industries empire. Blind has a reputation for making reliable skateboards, wheels, accessories, and clothing. You might remember their famous grim reaper logo.

Blind was a hard-core riding brand in the 1990s and remains to be a great skateboard brand even today. With the use of graphic characters, it has transitioned into a successful mix between rider and graphics-based brands.

History of Blind Skateboards

Blind’s name was chosen as a deliberate put-down of Gonzales’ former sponsor, Vision Skates. When Blind was founded in 1989, Jason Lee switched from World Industries to the brand’s second professional skater (as founder, Gonzales was the team’s first). Blind then picked up Rudy Johnson and Guy Mariano, both from Powell Peralta, as well as Jordan Richter, the company’s first vert rider. For a brief time, Danny Way was associated with the firm, and a distinctive board with a pink automobile was created and released for him.

A lot of the top skateboarders helped to make the history of Blind Skateboards. In 1991, Blind released its first video, Video Days, which included Gonzales, Mariano, Richter, Lee, and Johnson’s complete parts. Spike Jonze directed the film and it is regarded one of the most important skateboarding videos of all time.

Blind was once one of the world’s most popular skateboard brands during the 1990s, owing to board sales as well as Blind jeans.

Mark “The Gonz” Gonzales

Mark Gonzales is one of the most influential skateboarders to ever live. In December of 2011, Transworld Skateboard Magazine dubbed him “The Most Influential Skateboarder of All Time.” The Gonz has been in Tony Hawk games, EA Skate, and countless skateboard films.

Gonzales is known for starting Blind with Steve Rocco. However, in 2002 he partnered with Deluxe to launch Krooked Skateboards.

As of 2013, Mark Gonzales has been sponsored by Krooked, adidas, Spitfire, Independent, and Supreme.

The Team

  • Cody McEntire
  • Jake Ilardi
  • Jordan Maxham
  • Kevin Romar
  • Micky Papa
  • Nassim Lachhab
  • Sora Shirai
  • T.J. Rogers

Some of the most notable former members of the Blind skate team include Mark Gonzales, Guy Mariano, and Jason Lee.

Blind Skateboard Review

Blind Skateboards review.

A Blind complete is the best first skateboard for anyone new to the sport. These are beginner-friendly decks that come with professional-grade components. Blind completes come in many different sizes too. There are definitely skateboards that will be small enough for younger children.

For under $100 you get a Blind deck, Blind wheels, and Tensor trucks. The only thing that you may want to invest in is some better quality bearings which you can get for $10 to $20. Better bearings will make the wheels roll faster and for longer periods of time, all while using less energy.

Other than that, a Blind complete comes ready for you to skate. Take a look at the various Blind Skateboards completes that are currently available on Amazon.

Blind Wheels

Blind Skateboards has many wheels for sale that range in the 51 to 53mm diameter. It’s safe to say that their wheels are only meant for regular popsicle skateboards and not for longboards or cruisers. That being said, Blind skateboard wheels are the perfect formula for skateboarding street or skateparks.

Blind Apparel

Aside from skateboards and wheels, Blind is also known for making t shirts, hoodies, and jeans. However, in recent years they have become much less popular than they once were.

That being said, if you want to get yourself some Blind Skateboards merch, hop on over to


Regrowth is a sustainability mission that is important to Dwindle Manufacturing (which includes Blind) to reduce their carbon footprint through clean manufacturing, fair labor practices, giving back to the community, and planting trees for each one harvested to make skateboards with the National Forest Foundation.

In response to ongoing environmental concerns Dwindle has been working hard over the years to manufacture more responsibly. 

“We have dedicated time and resources to our Regrowth Program which consists of not only replanting the trees we use to make skateboards, but a broader plan to become more sustainable and reduce our carbon footprint.”

Some of the sustainable efforts include:

  • Bio-based materials and re-used waste streams are used in the manufacturing of Super Sap epoxy resin, reducing the carbon impact.
  • Use a water treatment method that collects waste water from manufacturing and filters out the solid waste, dyes, and other harmful substances to allow for re-use in production.
  • Use eco-friendly dyes and washes.
  • Reduced and renewable packaging.


The Blind Skateboards review is a comprehensive guide to one of the most popular skateboard brands in the world. With a rich history and team of legendary skaters, Blind has remained relevant for over two decades. If you’re looking for a beginner-friendly deck or just some new wheels, Blind is definitely worth checking out.

And if you’re concerned about sustainability, you can rest assured that Blind is doing their part to reduce their carbon footprint. So what are you waiting for? Go out and support Blind Skateboards!

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