Drop Through vs Drop Down Longboards: What’s the Difference?

drop through vs drop down longboards

What is the difference between drop through vs drop down longboards? Both types of boards are lower to the ground than traditional longboards. However, there are a few differences.

The first notable difference is that drop-through longboards have the trucks come down through the top of the deck. Drop-down longboards feature a huge dip in the wood bringing it closer to the ground. Both types of longboards will give you more stability due to a lower center of gravity.

What Is Better? Drop Down VS Drop Through Longboards

Choosing the best one out of the plethora of shapes available to them is something that new longboarders frequently encounter difficulty with. Some forms are rather obvious. It’s difficult to tell the difference between a drop-through and a drop-down deck since they appear so similar. But once you know what each shape is for, picking just one becomes significantly easier.

Dropdowns are a jack-of-all-trades longboard shape. They’re more difficult to turn sideways than a drop-down, but they have superior cornering traction. A drop-through will still slide despite your efforts to kick out and break traction.

If you’re looking for a board to commute on and bomb hills, then the drop-down is better. If you’re looking for a cruiser that can still handle downhill runs, go with the drop-through longboard.

Drop Down Longboards

A dropdown longboard deck is simply a top-mount board with a concave that lowers you to a lower level than your trucks. These boards are wonderful for a wide range of riding, but my favorite is to just ride around the local area. They provide greater traction than a drop through, making sliding easier. These decks are the most durable type of drop platform longboard available.

The drop-down is a form for technical skaters that is meant to be used on more technical surfaces. It has a curvy platform at the rear of the truck, resulting in an extremely sturdy deck.

The trucks are positioned in the traditional manner, with the platform resting on the base plates. This arrangement evenly distributes the rider’s weight across the truck, resulting in a very stable ride. You have a better grip on it when you slide it. You can have more control because of this lowered center of gravity (lower than a drop-through). You have a greater degree of gripping since it is lower down.

A drop down is ideal for pushing and commuting since you don’t have to strain yourself much to stay in control.


  • Better durability and traction than a drop through longboard
  • Its stiff deck is made for technical riding
  • Its weight distribution makes it a sturdier board
  • Its low center of gravity provides for a high level of grip
  • Freeriding, transporting, pumping and pushing


  • Not recommended for downhill riding or high-speed turns.

Drop Through Longboards

Due to their more adaptable design than drop down decks, drop through decks are better suited for cruiser riding. They’re also simple to handle and direct.

The classic longboard is a smooth ride with great stability and control. They have a low center of mass, making them ideal for novices. The decreased center of gravity contributes to their overall performance at full speed, although not as much as the drop down longboard.

Drop through boards, on the other hand, are typically more flexible than top-mounted or drop down deck boards and can be taken to greater speeds with less risks and consequences. Additionally, freeriding with drop through boards has its own benefits.

For beginning longboarders, drop throughs are the safer option since they learn to regulate their effort and monitor their speed before turns. Because of its greater carving quality and innate superior traction, this is conceivable.


  • It’s perfect for a cruiser riding style
  • Due to the light, versatile design, it’s simple to control and maneuver
  • The lower center of gravity allows for greater endurance at high speeds
  • It’s easier to push and brake with your feet while freeriding
  • Designed to slide in and out
  • The best option for carving and traction; better for novices than drop downs


  • As with the drop down longboard, it isn’t as good for high speeds
  • Compared to the other design choices, this option offers less grip

Are Drop Down Longboards Good For Beginners?

Drop down longboards may be the go-to boards of pro freeride boarders, but they are also known to be great beginner boards. Because of how their low deck is designed, it offers superior stability even at higher or faster riding speeds.

Additionally, this drop down longboard is great for carving and cruising. The drop down longboard’s concave gives you more control over your ride while the lowered center of gravity provides a greater level of stability. This makes it easy to learn how to turn and navigate your way around on a drop down deck.

If you are looking for something that will help you progress as a rider, then the drop down longboard is perfect for you. With its versatile design, it can take you from beginner to pro with ease!


Longboard drop through and drop down are pretty easy to differentiate, just by knowing the purpose for which each deck is designed.

Be sure you know what type of riding style suits you best before choosing a longboard drop through or drop down design. If you’re looking for a low center of gravity that’s great with speed then drop-throughs will be the way to go. On the other hand, if your main goal is cruising around town and commuting to school or work then drop downs would probably be more ideal. Either option might also suit riders who like freeriding as well!

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