Enjoi Skateboards Review: The Best Choice for Beginners

Enjoi skateboard review

Enjoi Skateboards is a newer professional skateboard brand co-founded by Rodney Mullen and distributed by the Dwindle Distribution, which is now part of the Globe group. The Globe Group, which includes Enjoi, Almost, and other renowned garments such as Cliché, Blind, Superior, Darkstar (and more), is all distributed under the Dwindle Distribution umbrella.

In addition to the star pro skaters who represent the brand, Enjoi has generated several successful skate films since its inception, which have helped contribute to the company’s success. Their first video, “Bag of Suck,” was a Transworld Skate Video of the Year winner in 2007.

Are Enjoi Skateboards Good Quality Boards?

Skateboarders are quite loyal to Dwindle brands, and Enjoi is no exception. Enjoi, Blind, Almost, and Cliché decks are all well-liked among skaters.

The amazing pop, the long-lasting quality (as discussed), and the mild concave are what skateboarders like most about Enjoi decks. Many individuals suggest Enjoi boards for their flexibility since the concave is comfortable to ride and provides good flips for all types of street skating. The Resin 7 construction makes the skateboard feel solid and durable without losing on flexibility.

The quality and durability of Enjoi skateboards are generally praised. The Adams Resin 7, for example, is considered a very light board that can take a lot of punishment. It’s sometimes said to keep its pop even after weeks of constant skating. The White Panda Infest or the Louie Barletta Plaid Panda, for example, have been reported to retain their form and pop for more than two years.

Although Enjoi skateboard decks do not tend to show signs of wear after performing hard street tricks on a daily basis, most high-quality skateboard decks will eventually develop pressure cracks as a result of continual use. They hold up well for the average skater and can easily last 4-8 months, which is remarkable by street skating standards.

Enjoi Skateboard Review (Complete/ Factory Assembled)

This Enjoi complete is a perfect skateboard for beginners and experienced riders looking for a smaller board. At 7.75″ width, this skateboard is perfect for learning flip tricks due to being smaller and lighter. However, quality is not compromised at all.

The board has a good pop and feel to it. It does use cheaper trucks and bearings but they get the job done and at this skill level you won’t notice a difference. That being said, this is an introductory complete skateboard. If you want to get more umph out of the board, try outfitting it with new and better quality trucks, wheels, or bearings.

Features of the Whitey Panda Enjoi Skateboard:

  • 7.75″ deck with the famous white panda logo
  • 52mm TGM polyurethane skateboard wheels, 92A durometer
  • ABEC 5 skateboard bearings
  • Raw skateboard trucks

The Enjoi complete is an incredible deal considering the quality that you get for the price point. If you begin to outperform the skateboard then it may be time to purchase better trucks, wheels, or bearings.

History Of Enjoi Skateboards

With the help of Rodney Mullen, Enjoi was established in 2000 by pro skater Marc Johnson. The famous panda logo and the name “enjoi” were both derived from a dream that Johnson had. The founder then contacted pals that he regularly skated, including Jerry Hsu, Louis Barletta, and Dave Mayhew.

After a short time with Enjoi, in 2004, Mullen teamed up with Daewon Song to found Almost Skateboards, another prominent skateboard brand.

Johnson later left the firm to found Chocolate Skateboards, which is still a major skateboard company today. After Johnson’s departure, he explained that he left because it got really old having to double-check every brand decision.

Criticism of Enjoi Skateboards

Although the brand is highly regarded, they have had their share of controversies and criticisms.

In 2004, the Jezebel website criticized the brand for a sexist joke printed on a garment label that read: “dirty laundry keeps women busy.”

They’ve also come under fire on Amazon and other websites for the Jerry Hsu deck design, which depicts a young woman with her arm in a sling and tears in her eyes saying, “I guess he really loves his Enjoi deck more than me.” The implication being that he abused her because he valued skateboarding more than her.

Most Notable Enjoi Teammates

Enjoi has had some extremely notable skateboarders on their team, including:

  • Jerry Hsu
  • Jason Adams
  • Chris Cole
  • Marc Johnson
  • Rodney Mullen
  • Bobby Puleo
  • Jimmy Carlin
  • Wieger Van Wageningen
  • Jose Rojo
  • Ben Raemers
  • Cairo Foster
  • Enzo Cautela


Enjoi skateboards are a high-quality and durable option for beginner to experienced street skaters. With some of the most notable skateboarders in history having ridden for Enjoi at one point or another, it’s easy to see why this brand has maintained its popularity over the years.

The Whitey Panda Enjoi complete is great for beginner riders and can easily be upgraded as your skill level progresses.

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