Globe Skateboards Review: A Comprehensive Guide

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Globe decks are excellent quality, lightweight, and long-lasting. The pieces included with the complete set are ideal for beginners and young skaters. Globe’s boards have gotten good reviews from skaters worldwide. Like many other skateboard companies, they’re very active with sustainability and lower-impact initiatives.

Globe is a manufacturer and seller of skateboards, board sports equipment, street fashion, and footwear. The firm distributes and sells in over 100 nations. It’s the same group of skaters, surfers, and snowboarders that launched the brand in the 1990s who now run it.

History of Globe Skateboards

Globe International Ltd. is an Australian company that was created by three brothers in 1985. Former Australian skateboarding champions Peter and Stephen Hill, along with brother and current Globe International CEO Matt Hill, began Hardcore which would later develop into one of the world’s largest skateboard distribution companies. The Hill brother’s reported that they were unsatisfied with the lack of quality skateboard products on the market, and thus they went into business to import US skate products to Australia.

The Hills continued to promote skateboarding, releasing two books on the topic and producing skate videos. Hardcore was a major driving force behind the skateboard explosion in Australia and New Zealand during the mid-1980s as a result of frequent marketing, tours, competitions, video and magazine advertising. In 1987, Globe diversified by creating the child company, Die Hard Pty.

Die Hard Pty Ltd was founded as a clothing and accessories division of the business. Their first licensed label was Vision Streetwear.

In Los Angeles, Globe International opened its US operation in 1995, where the Globe brand is now a prominent part of the American board sports sub-culture and a main supplier to major retailers of board sports apparel, footwear, and skateboard hardgoods.

The skateboards and trucks are manufactured in their own plant. The DSM (Douglas Street Manufacturing) Premium Woodshop is located in Shenzhen, China, where Rodney Mullen has played a key role in the production methods from the start.

Globe Skateboard Team

  • Rodney Mullen
  • David González
  • Mark Appleyard
  • Ryan Decenzo
  • Sammy Montano
  • Vincent Milou

Globe Skateboard Review

Globe Fubar red and white skateboard complete review.

Globe’s skateboard completes are affordable yet they offer very decent components including trucks, wheels, and bearings.

Globe completes come with Tensor skateboard trucks which are built using premium aluminum and magnesium alloys and include Grade-8 kingpins and high-rebound bushings. They come with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects and breakage on normal usage.

The skateboard completes are especially ideal for novice skaters who want to improve their skating abilities and learn basic skateboarding moves before progressing to more advanced skills. The deck is constructed beautifully but as your skills improve, you will want to invest in some higher grade components. Professional-grade wheels, trucks, and bearings will change your ride for the better.


  • Tensor trucks
  • 52mm, 99A durometer wheels
  • Abec 7 bearings

Check out a Globe skateboard complete available on Amazon.

How Good Are Globe Skateboards?

Globes skateboards are highly regarded in the skateboarding world. Their skateboard completes are typically priced between $80 and $120, and they provide decent quality for the money. They’re not cheap “Walmart” boards, to be honest. Globe street decks are well-liked among skaters.

DSM, a long-standing and renowned skateboard builder, makes Globe’s skateboard decks. For years, DSM has produced high-quality decks for World Industries, an early skate company founded by skateboarding legend Rodney Mullen that is now part of the Globe group.

Skateboard decks at Globe are pressed using epoxy resin glue, which is superior to water-based glue (the industry norm) in terms of strength, lightness, and delamination resistance. Every board is pressed separately, ensuring a uniform concave across the boards. Multiple deck pressing, on the other hand, produces varied concaves among the decks. Rodney Mullen first developed the single deck pressing technique.

Every deck at Globe is CNC precision formed, ensuring that it meets the highest requirements.

How Is Globe Skateboards Sustainable?

Globe has recently made many efforts to transition to more sustainable fashion. They use solar energy, use sustainable fabrics and packaging, and grow three times the amount of trees than they use.


Globe is one of the world’s major producers of high-end skateboards, and it utilizes a lot of wood in its manufacturing. Globe’s objective is to engage in forestry practices that help to restore more than they destroy in order to offset the wood used to create our skateboards.

To that end, Globe has teamed up with the National Forest Foundation (NFF) to give to their tree-planting initiative. In producing skateboards, Globe contributes more than three times as many trees as they remove each year.

Lower Velocity

We’re a long way from perfect, but we’ve taken the leap off the fast fashion treadmill and are focused on producing high-quality evergreen apparel for today’s adventurer.

“We are using more sustainable fibers in our fabrics and rigorously testing our clothing for fit, function and durability. It’s all about making quality clothing that is low velocity.”

Solar Power

Globe has installed a new solar power system on the roof of our Global Headquarters in Melbourne. This massive new sustainable energy investment has taken them from dirty coal based power to 100% fully renewable power.

The new system prevented 366 tons of carbon from entering the atmosphere in its first year, resulting in more than 342 megawatt hours of energy. That is around 80% of the site’s current energy usage. The last 20% will be offset by ‘Green Power,’ which is electricity that has been entirely generated from clean energy generators on the grid and is regulated by government authorities.


The brand has committed to eliminate single-use plastic and virgin forest fiber from their packaging, as well as superfluous waste in their supply chain, after becoming part of prAna’s Responsible Packaging Movement.

“We will have eliminated all virgin plastic packaging and mailers satchels by the end of this year, and all non-certified paper packaging by the end of 2022. We have stepped up our in-house recycling; moving to 100% packaging recycling at our offices, warehouses and stores.”

Globe Skateboards Clothing

Globe Skateboards features a lot of clothing options including shoes, socks, tees, long tees, fleeces, jackets, shirts, shorts, and pants. It’s quite easy to shop for sustainable clothing options on their site too, if that’s what you’re into.

Globe uses organic cotton, recycled polyester, and cocotec (coconut polyester). Globe clothing is made with YKK Natulon zipper tapings which are made from recycled plastics to keep more waste out of our landfills and reduce reliance on sourcing virgin plastics from the oil industry.


Whether you are a beginner or an experienced skateboarder, Globe Skateboards offer quality boards at an affordable price. With their strong decks and good components, Globe Skateboards are a good choice for anyone looking for a new skateboard.

If you are looking for a new skateboard, we recommend checking out Globe Skateboards. You can find their boards at most major retailers or online.

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