Goodwood Skateboards Review (A Complete Guide)

goodwood skateboard graphics

Goodwood skateboard decks are quality made decks that are often considered blank decks. Still, they are great quality skateboards made from 7-ply maple sourced from Northern Michigan.

Goodwood might not be as great as getting their name out there but they still produce pretty solid decks.

The plies are cold pressed with Gorilla Epoxy glue for 48 hours to combat warping and delaminating. Then, the tops of the decks are cut by hand, sanded, and stained. 

So how good will a Goodwood skateboard be for you? In my experience, these kinds of decks will suit any skater that isn’t too picky about their brand of board and they’ll be the perfect deck for a new skater.

About Goodwood Skateboards

Based in Southern California, Goodwood is a skater owned brand that’s been manufacturing top notch gear since 2004. They are distributed by Skate Season Distribution, a skateboard and longboard manufacturer based out of South Pasadena, California. 

That being said, it’s hard to find out much information on Goodwood Skateboards. Their instagram only has 16 posts with the most recent being from 2019 and there is nothing on Wikipedia.

With that in mind, it’s easy to see why people think of Goodwood as a blank deck, because there is no face or spirit to the company. However, although you might not see or hear from them, they are still producing quality decks. 

Where To Purchase Goodwood Skateboards

There are a few places to purchase a Goodwood skateboard, including from the distributor and the company itself, Skate Season Distribution. That way you can help support the company right at the roots.

However, I know that they are sometimes low on designs. So if you’re not a huge fan of the latest designs, you can also look for a Goodwood Skateboard at some other online retailers like Warehouse Skateboards, Zumiez, or Amazon.

You might also be able to find a Goodwood skateboard at your local skate shop. If there aren’t any there you can always ask the manager to order them in for you. Not all skate shops will do this but some will.

That being said, I’d like to once again advocate that if you can support them from the ground up, go check out Skate Season Distribution. Buy your deck there if you are cool with the artwork on it.

Qualities Of A Goodwood Skateboard

Although there’s not much of a face to the brand of Goodwood, they still produce pretty solid boards. Not to mention, I’ve always been a fan for their graphics and artwork.


  • 7-ply Northern Michigan maple (with Core-Tech ply which adds strength and stiffness)
  • 7.75 to 8.5 width
  • Manufacturer’s warranty

Best Goodwood Skateboard Deck

The best Goodwood deck available right now is the Ping Pong deck. The deck is printed on many different wood stains and comes in sizes ranging from 7.75 to 8.5.

Ping Pong is a quality deck made from Northern Michigan 7-ply maple wood. 

In each Goodwood deck, a ply of wood is replaced by Core-Tech, a patented and strong tri-core ply. The Core-Tech ply results in a stronger and stiffer deck with a longer life for the tail.

If there are any factory or manufacturing defects, the board is fully warrantied. However, you can not get a refund for a broken deck.

One More Thing: If you’re looking to purchase decks wholesale, please remember that you can also do that at Skate Season Distribution.

Happy skating. 

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