Is Buying a Longboard Worth It?

hitchhiking with a purple dropthrough longboard

If you are interested in longboarding but can’t decide whether you should buy one or not then our answer is you should absolutely go for it. Longboards are best known for their sustainability in long runs. Even as a beginner, one does not face much trouble with longboards.

Many people find longboarding an intimidating sport, especially the teens and the younger generation. From exploring the city to travelling daily, it is an easier cost-effective purchase for them.

The rest of the article will explore the reasons why buying a longboard is worthwhile.

About Longboards

man walking while holding a longboard

Longboards are a popular form of skateboard. Technically speaking, the board size is a little bit longer than usual. Riders use longboards keeping many factors in their mind like travelling and skating moves like freestyle, downhill and many more.

The size of a longboard varies from 38 inches to 60 inches. Usually the size is much longer as they’re not made for flashy stunts that can be done in skateboards.

Longboards are the perfect travel equipment for the beginners. They are comfortable for sidewalk surfing.

A classic longboard can be seen forming from 7 to 9 layers of maple wood, where each wood’s layer is 1/16 inch thick. But the material can vary from type to type like bamboo, fiberglass and other types of wood.

The wheels of a longboard are softer than other board types. They are made to offer the rider a comfortable ride. Don’t think that this comfortable ride is so expensive. You can easily find a good longboard under $150 in the market for your regular use along with a comfortable ride.

Which is better: A Longboard or a Skateboard?

In Case you’re having trouble choosing between a longboard and a skateboard as a beginner, then we would vote for a longboard. The longer size of board and softness in wheels offers you a smooth run in the neighborhood.

The big wheels of the longboard help you focus only on cruising.

Skateboards are perfect for those who want to show flashy moves or tricks in the skate part. Riding a skateboard requires more practice than riding a longboard.

Also a skateboard’s wheel can bump into small ups and downs in the road causing the rider injury if they are not fully focused.

Both boards are thrilling to ride, but it relies on the rider whether they want to ride a skateboard or longboard.

Why Buy a Longborad?

In this section we will talk about why you should buy a longboard. Even after taking one glance, one can say that a longboard is the evolution form of a traditional skateboard. Then why should you invest in a longboard?

The answer is because of the comfortable and safe ride a longboard offers you. Longboards are more of an equipment that helps you in reaching a destination rather than doing flashy tricks and stunts.

Here are some brief explanation of reasons why you should consider buying a longboard:

Easy Balancing

A longboard will offer you the utmost stability when you’re aboard. Longboards were basically made for roaming around for long hours. Riding a longboard will let you enjoy the scenario and focus on the surroundings including traveling safely.

The basic purpose of a longboard is to help you in learning how to balance the board other than pulling tricks on your board while riding.

Exercise while roaming around

Structure of longboards is made to support the long distance. Traveling a long distance while riding a longboard increases the number of kicks on the ground 3/4x time.

The increasing number of kicks on the ground changes the blood pumping rate and body temperature within 10-12 minutes depending on your body.

In other words, longboarding can work as an option to replace running for you. It is a workout option that offers you to travel at the same time. While enjoying the surroundings you can work on increasing the stamina and keeping your cardio health in good shape.

Daily Commutes

For students and office workers, longboarding serves a great potential in traveling. A longboard not only makes the journey safer, it also saves time and space too. Traveling with a car or a bike includes riding in the road, looking for parking spots and maintenance.

But a longboard requires only the sidewalk to ride, which is a lot safer than roads. And you can keep your board anywhere as they don’t require much space like any vehicle.

You can also dodge the possibility of being stuck in traffic if you’re riding a longboard.

Exploring the Neighbourhood

This is the best advantage of riding longboards. Longboarding is the perfect transportation system for exploring your city. Riding a longboard gives the rider a 360° view of the area which a car can’t provide.

Concrete road to sidewalks, almost every type of road is accessible for longboards, giving you the opportunity to explore the place from different perspective.

Painting the Background

An Evolved form of surfing and skating board is known as a longboard. The traditional skateboards and surfing boards contain eye-catching arts on the board background. In popular culture of Hawaii, drawing on a surfboard was another way to tell their folktales and culture to the world.

You can use the opportunity to draw anything to express a story or the beauty of a scene on your longboard using paints.

Above given reasons were just a few of them why you should buy a longboard for yourself. Whether you consider these to buy a longboard, the rewards will increase a lot.

What Size of Longboard should you prefer?

Even though you will only use your longboard to travel the road, you should know what type of board you should choose for you.

There are different types of  longriding boards depending the riding style such as:

  • Cruising
  • Downhill
  • Freeride
  • Freestyle

Cruising means only surfing on the board for traveling purposes. In this case you can choose a bit smaller board size between 28” to 52” as they’re easier to turn.

Downhill style is where you are riding a hill road or any slope. Hillroads intend to face up and down more than usual which means the speed of the board is higher than flat roads. A board size in between 38” to 60” would be okay to control for downhills.

Freeride style requires a little bit of practice of balance and skill as it requires riding both slopes and road curves. Downhill and freeride style requires the same size boards as both need balancing while riding.

But if you’re a beginner, we would suggest refraining from downhill and freeride style riding without enough practice and control.

Freestyle is where you can use all the other mentioned styles easily. If you can adapt them with perfect balancing then any size of board will be okay to surf on the road.

Before choosing your longboard, keep in mind that longboards are okay for traveling. These types of boards can’t help you in pulling tricks or moves like skating in the field.

Final Thought

Longboards are eco-friendly, fun and flexible transportation for daily use. Regardless of  why  you choose a longboard, it will give you a healthy lifestyle in return.

The choice of whether you are going to buy a longboard or not is completely on you, but as you’ve come so far, we think buying one is worth your money and time.

After having the first ride on your longboard, you will realize that you made the right decision. Choose your longboard wisely and practice a lot on the road.

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