Madness Skateboards: Durable, Lightweight, and Affordable

Madness skateboards review

It’s madness to pay so much for a skateboard when you can get the same thing at half the price. Madness Skateboards are durable, lightweight, and affordable. They come in many different colors and styles. If you want to look good while skating your way around town, madness is the brand for you!

What happens when you combine some of the world’s greatest transition skaters? Pure madness. And that is exactly what Madness Skates is; an all-star lineup of skaters who spend more time in the air than on the ground.

History of Madness Skateboards

Madness skateboards was born in the Dwindle camp in 2018. They aim to provide a range of bigger decks made to suit skaters hitting bigger transition terrain.

Madness Skateboards’ distinctive design, coupled with a variety of realistic and metallic paint effects, creates an environment that is both sleek and striking. Madness also produces T-shirts, hoodies, and hats so you can show your board pride without wearing the same thing as everyone else.

The team includes Clay Kreiner, Alex Perelson, Jack Fardell, and Sam Beckett.

The Madness Skateboarding Team

  • Clay Kreiner
  • Sam Beckett
  • Jack Fardell
  • Alex Perelson
  • Treywood
  • Ace Pelka
  • Skyler King

Where To Get Madness Skateboards

You can purchase Madness Skateboards and apparel online and at many different retailers across USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. However, most retailers that carry Madness Skateboards are local skate shops.

You can also purchase Madness Skateboards at Zumiez online or at any Zumiez location. However, Zumiez only carries their decks and wheels, they do not have any Madness clothing. That being said, there is often speculation as to whether or not Zumiez skateboards are good.

If shopping online, you can find most of the Madness gear at Thank You Supply. There you can find all sorts of skateboards, t-shirts, sweaters, and accessories.

Madness Skateboard Deck Review

Madness Skateboards decks are great quality at average prices. Their decks come with a 30-day guarantee that the deck will not break.

Made from Resin-7 construction, the decks are made with 7 plies of North American Maple held together with Epoxy Resin glue. And each board is individually pressed.

Madness Skateboards are better than the competition because they are stronger than any other industry-standard 7-ply decks. They also have a long life and more pop.

Their decks range from 8.0 to 10.0 in width. There is a deck perfect for everyone.

Madness makes strong decks. Some of their decks have useless cutouts, even if you’re using big wheels. Even though 8.5″ with wheel cutouts, 159mm standard Indies, and 53mm A-Cut wheels are used, they still bite in inside the groove. 58mm wheels would strike the outside first, allowing the grooves to be utilized.


Madness Skateboards is a company that prides itself on being affordable, durable and light. They have skateboard decks for all types of skaters, no matter their skill level.

If you are looking for a great quality deck at an average price, madness might be the brand for you!

Madness Skateboards is madness for your wallet, madness for the skate park, madness in life! Get on board with madness today and you’ll be skating faster than ever before.

Key takeaways:

  • Madness skateboards are durable and affordable
  • Their decks come with a 30 day guarantee that the deck will not break
  • Made from Resin-7 construction
  • Each board is individually pressed
  • Better than the competition because they are stronger than any other industry-standard ply decks and have more pop
  • Deck widths range from 8.0 to 10.0 inches

For more information on Madness Skateboards, check them out on Instagram.

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