Superior Skateboards Review: A Guide for Beginners

Superior skateboards review

Superior is a brand that was founded in the 90s and has become one of the house brand skateboards at Zumiez. Superior Skateboards is a brand that has shown itself to be effective in the market of price-effective skateboard decks as part of the Dwindle Distribution family.

Superior Skateboards are made in their own factory, using many of the same production methods used to make the best skateboard decks in the world, like Enjoi’s Resin-7 and Almost’s Impact Support. This makes for a deck that costs less, and yet is produced to a far higher standard than everything else at the same price point.

Superior Skateboards are constructed from 100% Canadian Maple veneers. This ensures that the entire production, from log to completed deck, is under complete control. Single-deck molds are used to press the decks using “Stiff Glue Xtra,” which is the finest water-based glue in the business.

Every skateboard deck press ensures that each board is identical. The industry’s highest degree of quality control ensures that every deck is flawlessly finished.

Features Of A Superior Skateboard

The superior skateboards are made by all the same standards that make high-end boards, but at a price that is affordable to anyone who wants to start skateboarding.

There are many types of Superior decks. However, here are some of the features you can expect when buying one:

  • Made in America
  • 100% Canadian Maple Veneer
  • Impact Support

How Much Does A Superior Skateboard Deck Cost?

Typically, Superior skateboard decks cost $24.99-29.99 each online at or in the stores. Zumiez is a trusted skateboard and lifestyle brand.

That being said, there are many different prices for a Superior deck depending on the design and style that you want to purchase.

History Of Superior Skateboards

Superior Skateboards was created in the ’90s along with many other skateboard brands like Tensor, Venture, and World Industries. The superior brand has thrived over time because of its focus on quality control and great customer service.

Superior decks can be found at most major retailers such as Zumiez and Daddies Board Shop.

The superior decks are affordable and of high quality. You can find great deals on superior skateboards at

The superior brand has survived over the years due to its focus on providing a product that is both durable and affordable for new skaters around the world. Superior Skateboards began with an idea: create amazing, professional-grade boards and ended up becoming one of the larger skateboard deck brands.

Who Created Superior Skateboards?

Superior Skateboards is an American company that manufactures skateboard decks at its factory in Vista, California.

Superior Skateboards was technically founded by Steve Rocco, who is considered the godfather of modern-day skateboarding, and Rodney Mullen. Mullen is one of the biggest living legends in skateboarding for many reasons.

The two, Mullen and Rocco, created Dwindle Distribution (parent company of Superior) and the World Industries skateboard company in the early ’90s. Both brands are still around today.

Superior Skateboards are known worldwide as some of the best boards you can purchase at an affordable price point, but do they live up to their reputation?

Are Superior Skateboards Actually Good?

Superior Skateboards are superior to many other skateboard brands at the price point because of their strong focus on quality control.

The superior decks are made in America, which ensures that each deck is constructed with the highest attention to detail possible. The Superior brand has become one of the largest skateboard companies in history by focusing on producing high-quality products at the lowest cost for the consumer.

Superior Skateboards are some of the best skateboard decks you can buy at an incredibly affordable price. They have been around for decades and continue to be a staple in the world of skating!

Are superior skateboards good? Yes, simply because of how cheap they are for a professional quality skateboard.


Superior Skateboards can be found at any major retailer such as Zumiez and Daddies Board Shop. They can also be purchased online on, where the prices are usually the cheapest for superior skateboard decks!

Superior is known for producing quality-made decks at one of the lowest costs. It might not be the very best skateboard that you ever have but a Superior board is always worth the money.

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