Zoo York Skateboard Review – Are They Any Good?

Zoo york skateboard review

Zoo York skateboards are a perfect choice for beginners. However, these complete skateboards will not live up to the expectations of experienced skateboarders.

These skateboards are typically found in West 49 and other discount skate apparel stores. They cost about $75 to $100. However, I have seen them on sale for amazing deals like “Buy 1, Get 1 Free.”

Are Zoo York Skateboards Good?

Zoo York skateboards are good enough for beginners. However, experienced skaters will not enjoy the ride of these boards. The trucks are quite solid, and the deck is sturdy enough that you can simply swap out the components as your needs change.

The Zoo York Complete has somewhat softer wheels that are more grip and dampening some of the vibrations on your journey to victory. The trucks’ bushings are also softer, making it simpler to turn.

This is especially beneficial for youngsters and smaller riders! The hard rock maple used in the deck will last longer than other, less expensive decks, so you’ll have more time to perfect your ollies.

Features of a Zoo York Complete:

  • 7-ply Hardrock Maple deck
  • Zoo York trucks (manufactured by Chapmans)
  • Soft Zoo York wheels

These decks are great when first set up. However, they can be difficult to flip at first. The deck has a good feel to it, not too stiff, which can sometimes get annoying when landing hard. The concave and shape make the board very easy to control.

Skating A Zoo York Complete

These are very comfortable decks to ride. I skated my Zoo York deck for 2 to 3 months before reviewing it. You’ll start getting more height on your flips after a session or two of breaking the board in. Zoo York skateboards are durable and light, but they also don’t break the bank.

The only complaint of these decks is that it razor-tailed fast, and that’s the only reason I switched decks. A squared tail messes with performing tricks. The wood can also dent from grinding on rugged rails.

The resin that Zoo York uses is amazing. Although the deck razortailed, it did not chip once. Even when thrown at the ground (nose first) for testing purposes.


  • Inexpensive
  • Fully-assembled
  • Great for beginners
  • Don’t chip easily
  • Light
  • Durable


  • Razortail quickly
  • House brand components
  • Not much pop

Zoo York vs the Competition

It’s safe to say that a Zoo York complete is good enough for beginners. However, an experienced skater should stay away from them and purchase a board from a more reputable company.

Sure, Zoo York was a huge brand in the early 2000s but their quality began to lack when they sold and got rid of their pro team. This is why they’re often found in discount skate shops like West 49 instead of trusted local skate shops.

If you are a beginner or need a decent board for cheap, then by all means these will do well by you. However, their components are all blank, house-name. Meaning, they do not have the same quality trucks, bearings, or wheels than if you were to purchase those components by the companies that specialize in manufacturing them.

History of Zoo York Skateboards

The name “Zoo York” came from the early 1970s, when a gathering spot for New York’s underground scene was known as Zoo York. The emergence of skateboarding culture on the East Coast resulted in Zoo York, the brand’s first Eastern appearance. The company was founded in 1993 as a cultural merger between graffiti artists, hip-hop, skateboarding, and b-boys.

Zoo York was a well-known skateboard brand out of network. It was later sold to the Iconix brand group in the 2000s. They walked a tightrope for many years, with merchandise available at discount clothing stores but still maintaining their own skateboard brand, until 2015 when they announced that they would be ending the side skate program and not renewing any professional skater contracts.

Zoo York skateboards are made in the United States by Chapman, a manufacturer with an incredible reputation. Chapman also makes the boards for Supreme.


Zoo York skateboards are a great choice for beginners. They come with all the features you need to get started and can be upgraded as your skills develop.

Experienced skaters will not enjoy the ride of these boards, but they’re perfect for youngsters and smaller riders. These decks are very comfortable to ride and durable, but they razor-tailed fast. The wood can also dent from grinding on rugged rails.

Overall, Zoo York skateboards are a good beginner board. However, it does lack pop and durability compared to more expensive brands out there. But if your just starting out and on a budget Zoo York is a good option.

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