Are Aluminum Trucks Good for a Skateboard?

Are Aluminum Trucks Good For A Skateboard

There is a lot of debate over what type of truck is the best for a skateboard. Some people swear by aluminum trucks, while others think that they are not as good as traditional steel trucks. So, which is better? In this blog post, we will explore the pros and cons of aluminum trucks and help you decide if they are right for you!

Aluminum trucks will work on a skateboard. However, they are not as durable as steel or titanium and are more likely to dent and bend.

Are Aluminum Trucks Good For A Skateboard?

No, aluminum trucks aren’t good for a skateboard. Aluminum is a light metal and is prone to cracking and denting easily.

Some trucks are made with an aluminum hangar and a steel axle. These are much sturdier. When shopping for skateboard trucks make sure that the axles are steel. The hangar can be made of aluminum, steel, titanium, or carbon.

The lighter your truck, the easier it will be to flip your board when doing flip tricks like kickflips or heelflips. But the heavier your trucks are, the easier it will be to land on the wheels.

Heavy Vs. Light Skateboard Trucks

The heaviest and most durable skateboard trucks are made with steel hangars. The cheaper and slightly less durable option is steel axles with aluminum hangars.

Truck hangars that are made from titanium or carbon are stronger than aluminum and generally the lightest options. These come at a higher cost but are more durable and light than steel or aluminum trucks.

Are Plastic Skateboard Trucks Bad?

Trucks with plastic hangars are bad skateboard trucks. They are lightweight but are prone to breaking from attempting some of the most basic of skateboard tricks.

One great thing about plastic is that it cannot be ruined or rusted by water. However, any metal piece on the skateboard, including the nuts and bolts that keep it together, can rust. Any rust compromises the integrity of the entire skateboard.

Therefore, you can’t even take advantage of the greatest advantage that plastic trucks come with. When it comes down to the nitty-gritty, plastic trucks are bad for skateboards. Plastic trucks are not even as good as aluminum skateboard trucks, which aren’t the best option.

What Is The Best Material For Skateboard Trucks?

The trucks are made from many different pieces. Skateboard trucks consist of an axle, hangar, baseplate, plastic bushings, washers, and hardware. They are made from plastics, steel, aluminum, titanium, and carbon. Each has its pros and cons.


The axle in skateboard trucks is very small and almost always made out of steel. Steel is a harder and heavier metal.

Hangar & Baseplate

The hangar and baseplate seem to be the biggest difference between skateboard trucks. They vary in size and material:

  • Plastic
  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Titanium
  • Carbon


Skateboard bearings are made from the same urethane that makes skateboard wheels. They are small, round, and sit in between the hanger and the baseplate of skateboard trucks.

Washers & Hardware

Skateboard washers are made from steel. They are placed on the axle before the nut is tightened to keep the skateboard wheel from coming off.

The hardware that holds a skateboard together is made from steel, aluminum, or titanium. The bolts and nuts can be made of different materials depending on the company

What Makes Skateboard Trucks Good?

It all depends on what you will be doing with your trucks, as well as the size of your wheels and deck. I speak only for regular boards. Most skaters depend on the weight of the trucks as well as their strength and height. 

Another thing you should take into account is the weight of the trucks. Most skaters go with the lighter trucks obviously so the board isn’t as heavy, and so it’s much easier to ollie and do tricks. Don’t get something that’s too light though. 

How To Pick The Right Truck Size For Your Skateboard

The name of measurement that trucks are measured in varies from company to company. For instance, Independent measures their trucks in millimeters (mm) while Tensor measures in inches (in).

The most common skateboard deck sizes range from 7.75 to 8.5 inches wide. For nearly every size of a skateboard, there are trucks that are sized accordingly. Below is a chart showing which size of skateboard trucks to get.

What Makes Skateboard Trucks Bad?

As stated previously, plastic skateboard trucks are bad. However, that’s not all that can make your trucks bad.

Poorly made skateboard hardware can make your trucks come loose from nearly anywhere. If you have tightened your trucks to your skateboard and they become loose again, it can be time for new skateboard hardware.

Hardware is the cheapest part of your skateboard to fix and you should never settle for poor-quality hardware. Some of the most reliable brands might run you anywhere from $2 to $5.

What Trucks Do Pro Skaters Use?

Pro skaters tend to stick to the best skateboard truck brands. This includes Independent Truck Company, Tensor Trucks, Krux Trucks, Royal Trucks, and Destructo.

Pro SkaterSize of SkateboardTruck Size (in)Truck Size (mm)
Tony Hawk8.506″149mm
Rodney Mullen7.3755″129mm
Nyjah Huston8.1255.25″139mm
Daewon Song7.605″129mm
Rob Dyrdek7.755.25″139mm
Danny Way8.6256″149mm
Bob Burnquist8.6256″149mm
Andrew Reynolds8.506″149mm
Eric Koston8.105.25″139mm
Bam Margera7.705″129mm

The measurements above are done using the size of the hangar. To measure your skateboard trucks in this way measure the hangar, do not include the axle.


Aluminum trucks are good for a skateboard if you’re looking for something that’s going to be lightweight and durable. However, if you’re looking for the best possible option, you should go with a different material. Plastic trucks are the worst option, and you should replace them as soon as possible if they are what came with your skateboard.

Pro skaters tend to stick to the best skateboard truck brands. This includes Independent Truck Company, Tensor Trucks, Krux Trucks, Royal Trucks, and Destructo. You can find a size chart above in the blog post to help you determine what size trucks you need for your skateboard.

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