Are Longboard & Skateboard Bearings the Same?

are longboard and skateboard bearings the same

The bearing is what allows any skateboard or longboard to achieve its fastest speed. Bearings that are made from higher quality materials will allow you to ride as hard and fast as you can. Essentially, quality bearings will not hold you back.

Quite often, people wonder whether or not skateboard bearings and longboard bearings are interchangeable. And yes, they are all a standard size. There is no significant difference between bearings in longboards or skateboards.

If you want to continue to learn to know more about the differences between longboard and skateboard bearings, keep reading this article.

Why You Need Skateboard Bearings On Your Longboards & Skateboards

Bearings are one of the most important components when considering speed. Seriously, your board would not be able to work without the bearings. Even if you’ve purchased a longboard under 150 dollars, the bearings play quite a few roles on your skateboard:

  • Keep Your Wheels in Place: The bearing is a small component that attaches the wheels to the axles on the trucks of the skateboard.
  • Increase Speed: Bearings are the number one piece on your board that increases speed when you are riding. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a skateboard or longboard.
  • Smoother Ride: Bearings will help you ride smoother at high speeds, which gives you freedom on every ride.
  • Universal Size: All skateboard, cruiser, pennyboard, and longboard bearings are a universal size, allowing you to swap from one to another.

The Fundamentals of Longboard & Skateboard Bearings

Although longboard and skateboard wheels don’t always include bearings, you can always install them yourself. Just push the bearings into your wheels all the way in. It’s super easy to install your bearings.

The skateboard bearing is made from an inner and outer race, ball bearings, and bearing shields. The longboard bearing is a little different. The shield is placed at the top and bottom of this type of skateboard bearings, which provides an extra layer of protection against debris and dirt getting into your wheel.

The size of skateboard bearings is standard across all bearing or wheel manufacturers which means you can easily swap your skateboard bearings from one set to another. This is a huge benefit that not all bearing manufacturers offer.

Outer Ring

The outer ring is made of steel, ceramic, or titanium and has a diameter of 22 mm. The pressure on the outside of the wheel is greatest here. A protection shield is placed over the outer ring to keep dust, grime, and moisture out.

Inner Ring

The inner ring is an 8 mm band that is positioned on the axle. It provides a grip on the wheel so that it remains in place. The inner ring is generally made from a strong material such as steel or brass.

Ball Retainer

The upper ring of the bearings on a longboard or skateboard is made up of 7 to 8 balls. These balls allow the top ring of the bearings to roll smoothly. If any of these balls are damaged, the upper ring won’t move properly. Picking a bearing with well-made and high-quality balls would be a solid choice.

Is there a Difference Between Longboard Bearings & Skateboard Bearings?

There is no significant difference between a skateboard and longboard bearings, as we previously stated. The wheel bearing size is the same whether you’re skating or riding a longboard. The width of the bearing spacers differs depending on which board you choose.

In essence, two different measurements are used to determine the bearing spacer: the axle diameter and the overall width.

An 8 mm axle diameter is standard for skate trucks on skateboards and longboards. However, to assure that the total width of the spacers does not exceed the limits set by UCI regulations, you must verify their overall length.

In general, the width of skateboard bearings spacers is 8 mm, but large longboard wheels require a 10 mm spacer. As a result, skateboard smaller wheels can be used with 8mm x 8mm bearings, while longboard wheels need to be 8 mm x 10 mm in size.

What Are Bearing Spacers and Speed Washers

A bearing spacer is a cylindrical metal component that fits between the two bearings on a wheel. It aids in the reduction of weight distribution across each bearing, allowing for more comfortable and stable riding.

Speed ​​washers also affect bearings that help to fit between bearings axles and truck hangers. It will increase the lifespan and efficiency of bearings. Besides, it will help to align perfectly with each other when you put pressure, especially when sliding. This will make your slides smoother and more comfortable.

Why Are Bearing Spacers Important?

Typically, the bearing spacer is placed between the wheels of the axle of the two bearings. This ensures that the rotation inside the bearing is adequately aligned. When the bearing spacers are properly aligned, the ball and outer races are also aligned.

This alignment is extremely crucial to avoid undesired friction when rotating the wheel. Besides, the proper size spacers can align the bearings properly on the axis, making the fastest rotation with minimal friction. It will also help to rotate the bearings parallel between the wheels. If the bearing spacer is not measured properly, the wheel of your board will fly.


Longboarding and skateboarding are two popular and enjoyable rides nowadays. Your riding will be forward to the next step if the bearings are good quality and well sized. Although most people think the bearing of the longboards and skateboards are the same, they are wrong, these two have a little difference.

For that, we have tried to clear your confusion about the bearing size between longboard and skateboard through this article. Typically, the bearing spacer makes a little difference between these two boards. The width of the bearing spacer of a skateboard is 8 mm.

On the other hand, the larger wheels on the longboard will require a 10 mm width bearing spacer.

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