Best Grip Tape for Skateboards: Reviews and Buying Guide

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Grip tape is what keeps you from sliding off of your skateboard and gives you balance. Bad grip tape can make your skateboarding experience lackluster and can be enough of a risk for injury.

When selecting grip tape, there are a number of important variables to consider, including size, design, adhesive strength, and application. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the top skateboard grip tapes for you. These grip tapes will give you everything you need for a worry-free skateboarding experience.

What To Look For When Choosing Grip Tape For Your Skateboard

When choosing grip tape:

  • Make sure it’s the correct size
  • Get sticky grip tape
  • Find the design that you like

Grip Tape Size

A standard skateboard must have a tape that is at least nine inches wide and thirty-three inches long. This common size will fit almost all regular deck without issue.

There’s no way to know what grip tape will work on your board until you try it. Even if we have a general idea of a size, some may not fit your board. Plus, because of the board’s concave shape, choosing a grip tape that is the same size as the board won’t fit properly.

Instead, get a grip tape that is an inch or two wider and longer than your skateboard. It will provide plenty of space on each side and guarantee that the deck is completely covered.

Glue of the Grip Tape

The tape’s stickiness is the next element to consider. The proper degree of adhesiveness will ensure that your board stays intact due to the strong adhesive.

Grip tape with a firm adhesive will be able to handle all types of weather and exposure, as well as high temperatures. It won’t allow the sheet to peel off in humid conditions.

Not only that, but the glue also prevents grip tape from ripping and forming bubbles, so you don’t have to. Too much stickiness, on the other hand, will necessitate sticking it firmly on the first try since it will be difficult to remove.


Choose a color that complements your style and surroundings while skating. If you’re going to go on a long skate session, like if you’re skating down a hill or along the beach, then consider rolling up your pants leg so it’s shorter than usual.

Mob Grip Tape

Mob grip tape.

Mob grip tape is one of the best grip tapes to use because it has a great amount of grit but also has plenty of tiny holes so that it cannot bubble. Unfortunately, the one downside is that it is quite plain unless you learn how to create your own designs in grip tape. Each sheet is 33 inches by 9 inches.


  • Hundreds of tiny perforations that allow air to escape during the application for a bubble-free application.
  • For superior grip, we use an exclusive silicon-carbide grit binding technique that will not deteriorate.
  • The backing is made of high-strength, waterproof, and tear-proof material that cuts neatly every time.
  • Extreme heat or cold won’t cause the adhesive to peel from the board.

Take a look at Mob grip tape at Amazon.

BlackWidow Grip Tape

BlackWidow grip tape.

BlackWidow is great grip tape but the best part is probably their designs. Coming in black, clear, blue, red, green, purple, pink, and checkered patterns, BlackWidow grip tape is perfect for customizing the look of your skateboard. Furthermore, it’s actually cheaper than many other competitors.


  • Extreme heat or cold won’t cause the tape to peel..
  • Grip tape used by leading scooter and skateboard brands. The finest adhesion and grip for scooters and skateboards.
  • The sturdy, waterproof, and tear-proof backing cuts cleanly every time.

Purchase BlackWidow grip tape right here.

Jessup Skateboard Grip Tape

Jessup grip tape.

Jessup is an option that is carried by most skate shops because it is a reliable grip tape. You can purchase Jessup grip tape from Amazon in many different sizes and in rolls.

The first, Jessup, was one of the first to utilize silicone carbide grip tape in skateboarding.

“We’ve been making one of the best griptape since 1975— that’s over 32 years of experience in making quality griptape. We’ve gripped over 25 million decks. To date, we’ve made over 70 million feet of griptape.”


  • Jessup Griptape is a long-lasting, high-quality skateboard griptape with rock-solid bonding to the deck surface. It conforms to the deck easily and is simple to apply.
  • Constructed of silicon carbide grit with a super-adhesive formulated especially for the demands of the skateboarding industry.
  • High sharpness allows for more grip. Easy on tricks, hard on shoes.
  • The solvent-based adhesive adheres to any surface and can be customized without limits, while the high traction gives you tight control when you need it most.

Get a sheet of Jessup grip tape.

Powell Peralta Grip Tape

Powell Peralta grip tape.

Powell Peralta grip tape is a bit more expensive than the others but it comes in a bunch of really amazing graphics. These are some of the coolest grip tape graphics that I’ve seen. Stickerbombs, skeletons, and zebra stripes. Powell Peralta grip will really make your skateboard stand out.

When you hit the streets, ramp, park or pool on a classic re-issue or contemporary form with an old school spin, connect with the roots of 1980s skate culture.


  • 10.5 inches by 33 inches, making it great for wider skateboards.
  • Grip tape is easy on shoes.
  • Silicone carbide grip tape that will not deteriorate.
  • Made in the USA.

Check out Powell Peralta grip tape here.

What Should I Look For When It Comes To Sharpness Of Grip Tape?

The grip tape’s sharpness affects how much traction you will have. Skaters who are professional or intermediate level use an aggressive grip, which allows them to execute flip routines with greater precision. However, if your shoes aren’t specifically made for rough surfaces, this kind of grip will quickly ruin your shoes.

For long-distance travel, a medium or moderate grip is ideal since it provides enough balance and traction without damaging your shoes.

However, the grip is determined by each skater. And you may have to try a few things before settling on the appropriate sharpness. You may start with Grizzly Grip or Black Diamond Sheet Grip Tape, then upgrade based on your personal preference.

Does Skateboard Grip Tape Work For Longboards As Well?

A different grip tape isn’t always necessary for longboards. All you have to do is ensure that you get the appropriate size of tape, which will fully cover your longboard.

If you’re a downhill skater, you’ll need a different grip tape. In order to achieve this, you’ll have to use a considerably more aggressive grip, which isn’t one of the options listed here.

How Much Does Grip Tape Cost?

A good grip tape costs between $10 and $15 per sheet. A basic design will set you back less than $10, while more customized choices with a variety of color options will cost around $15. The majority of the grip tapes on our list range in price from around $10 to $15.

For longboards, you’ll need a larger grip tape, which will cost somewhat more than the normal size.

Downhill skateboards necessitate more gripping power, which will be costly than the alternatives above. The low-end alternatives start around $15, while the top-of-the-range products cost upwards of $30.

How Can I Make My Grip Tape Last Longer?

You must take care of your grip tape as much as your skateboard if you want it to last a long time.

Avoid puddles, muck, dirt, and other materials that might get caught in your shoes and transferred to your grip tape. In the beginning, you’ll have to be more attentive; however, after a while, you’ll get used to looking out for these. Remember, you can clean skateboard grip tape too.

Grip tape attracts dust quite quickly, so cleaning it is necessary from time to time. If your grip tape gets dirty, all you have to do is clean it. There is no need to replace dirty grip tape.

When Should I Change My Grip Tape?

How long your grip tape lasts depends on how often you skate, how hard you are on your grip, and how well you maintain it. You only have to replace your grip tape once it is losing friction. However, that can be anywhere from a couple months to a year.

Most experienced skaters break their deck before it is in need of new grip tape. That being said, if you don’t skate too often, the grip tape on the same board will rarely need to be replaced.

How Can I Keep My Grip Tape Clean?

These are the easiest ways to clean the dirt off of your grip tape:

  • Use Grip Tape Cleaner – It is the simplest approach to clean a grip tape. Simply rub the rubber on the dirt for easy removal. We think that every skater should have one of these in their arsenal, as it is quick and simple to use. It’s very similar to an artist’s putty eraser.
  • Use A Coarse Brush – It is great for most grips, but it has a negative impact on the grains. It may wear down the grip’s sharpness over time, so use it only when necessary.
  • Use An Old Toothbrush – If you don’t have a grip cleaner, use a toothbrush instead. Wet the brush and massage it in circular motions. The bristles on the brush remove the dust, but sweeping out every speck of debris takes some time.

Best Skateboard Grip Tape (FAQs)

Which Cleaning Method to Use for Skateboard Grip Tape?

The greatest method to clean your grip tape is with a grip cleaner. It does not harm the tape or leave dirt in the grains. After scrubbing the grip using the rubber piece, dab it with a paper towel.

What is the Best Way to Remove Grip Tape?

Remove the trucks first. After that, use a hairdryer or something similar to warm up the grip tape. Then, working from the edge of the board, slide your knife under the grip tape. Continue heating the tape as you go until all of the edges are removed. Wait for a few minutes before heating up the top of the board again. The grip should come off in one piece if it doesn’t loosen on its own.


Most of these grip tapes on our list fall in the $0 to $25 price range. You need a larger grip tape for longboards, which will cost you a bit more than the standard-sized grip. The downhill skateboards require sharper grip tape, which will cost a lot more than the options above. The low-end options start from $15, while the high-end options go up to $35.

How often you will be changing the grip tape will depend on how much you skate. If you skate a lot, you will end up with no grip in a matter of months. However, if you don’t skate too frequently, you probably won’t ever need to change the grip tape on the same board.

You can do that by avoiding puddles, mud, dust, and anything that might get stuck on your shoes and get on your grip tape. You will have to be extra-careful in the beginning, but you will soon get used to keeping it clean. Additionally, grip tapes attract dust very quickly, so cleaning is necessary every now and then.

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