How Much is a Longboard? Buying the Perfect Board

woman in shorts and tank top holding longboard

The average cost of a good longboard is somewhere in between $150 and $500. However, if you’re new to longboarding, it’s probably best to invest in a complete longboard for around $100 to $250. Within this price point you’ll get a true longboard experience.

As you spend more time riding and get more comfortable with boarding you’ll be able to purchase and swap out some of the components to better suit your needs and riding style.

That being said, there are a few things to look for when you’re shopping for a beginner longboard or budget board:

  • Make sure it is a bamboo (or at least maple) deck
  • Decide which shape of longboard you’d like
  • Find out what size of longboard you need
  • Research the trucks, wheels, and bearings

Ideally, you’d like to get a longboard from a reliable company. That being said, do not purchase your board from any discount shop like Walmart, West 49, or Target.

Average Cost of a Longboard (By Reputable Brands)

Here is a quick rundown of the average costs of longboards by some of the best and most reputable brands in the business:

  • Arbor longboards – $120 to $230
  • Dusters longboards – $135 to $250
  • Sector 9 longboards – $140 to $230
  • Prism longboards – $140 to $250
  • Santa Cruz longboards – $145 to $220
  • Globe longboards – $160 to $230
  • Landyachtz longboards – $200 to $300
  • Rayne longboards – $200 to $380
  • Loaded longboards – $200 to $425

These are all brands that produce some of the best longboards in the world. But even better is that they fully back their products. You know when you purchase any of them that you’re getting a quality board made from great components.

As your skill as a rider increases you’ll be able to switch out some of the stock components for better ones that will complement your riding style. Whether it’s ceramic bearings or harder wheels, there’s always something to customize on your board to make it more comfortable for you when you ride.

What To Look For When Shopping For a Longboard

As stated above, when you’re looking for a longboard, it’s important to find one that is made of bamboo or at least maple. Maple is the cheaper option but is still a good choice. Bamboo is lighter and more flexible but comes at a higher price point.

Surprisingly, the material of a skateboard is extremely important when it comes to the sport.

What Size of Longboard Do You Need?

The size of the longboard you choose is important. You don’t want a board that is too big or too small. A good rule of thumb is to get a board that is somewhere between your waist and chest in height.

When it comes to the width of the board, you’ll want to find one that is around eight to ten inches wide. Anything narrower than that will be difficult to balance on, and anything wider will be too unstable.

Longboards can range from 26 inches to 63 inches in length. The most popular size is between 38 and 42 inches long. If you’re just starting out, it’s probably best to go with a shorter board until you get the hang of things.

Trucks, Wheels, and Bearings

The trucks are the metal axles that attach the wheels to the longboard. The wheels are made of polyurethane and come in different durometers (hardness). The bearings are what allow the wheels to spin freely. When shopping for a longboard, it’s important to make sure that the trucks, wheels, and bearings are all compatible with each other.

A good rule of thumb is to get a board with soft wheels (75a or lower) if you’re just starting out. As you get more experience, you can switch to harder wheels (78a or higher).

Finally, the bearings should be ABEC rated. The higher the rating, the better the quality of the bearing.

If you’re just starting out, it’s probably best to go with a complete longboard that has all of these components already put together. That way you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues.

As you can see, there are a lot of things to consider when purchasing a longboard. But don’t let that discourage you! Longboarding is a great activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill.

Different Shapes of Longboards

There are several different shapes of longboards available on the market. The three most common shapes are pintails, kicktails, and drop-throughs. Pintails are the traditional surfboard shape and are great for beginners. Kicktails offer more stability and are good for cruising around town. Drop-throughs have a lower center of gravity and are great for downhill racing.

Pintail Longboard

The pintail is a flat, concave board. This makes it simple to ride and ideal for beginners. The pintail is the most popular and traditional longboard on the market, suitable for a bigger sized campus cruiser. It’s a great longboard all around.

Woman holding up a pintail longboard

Fishtail Longboard

A fishtail longboard is characterized by a fishlike tail on the rear. It has a steeper radial concave than the kicktail. Due to its low flex and convex, you will have greater heel and toe control. This precision gives you excellent speed control as well as extensive carving.

Blank fishtail longboard

Kicktail Longboard

The kicktail is a derivative of the pintail longboard, and it’s even more versatile. The kicktail longboard provides the rider with additional utility. It features a low level of concave and a kicktail for riders to have better control when riding. It is simpler to kick up the board without having to bend over.

Skateboarder geared up holding their kicktail longboard

Symmetrical Top-Mount Longboard

The top-mount design makes it simple to steer in any direction without having to pick it up and turn around again to go in another direction. Symmetrical top-mounts are also referred to as bi-directional boards. The deck looks similar to a drop through, however, it is raised higher and the trucks are positioned beneath the deck. Top-mount longboards typically have a medium concave.

Drop Through Longboard

The nose and tail of a drop-through longboard have cutouts in them that allow the trucks to be mounted on top of the board. At higher speeds, this makes the board lower to the ground, making it more stable. This might not be appropriate for beginners. It’s easier to maintain control when sliding and carving at higher speeds due to the medium concave and low flexibility.

Skater holding a Landyachtz drop through longboard

Drop Down Longboard

A lower center of gravity is one feature of the drop down longboard. The foot platform is positioned closer to the ground than the trucks. This board is ideal for downhill riding since it has no flex.

Drop down longboard by Yocaher

Double Drop Longboard

A double drop longboard is a mix of drop through longboards and drop down longboards. So grab yourself some of these fantastic longboards that will get you low to the ground. This is the most stable type of deck, but it’s also the rarest because it’s quite difficult to put together. Double drop longboards are typically used as downhill and racing boards.

Double drop longboard featuring the drop down board and drop through trucks

Best Budget Pintail Longboard

Santa Cruz has a really great pintail, the Gold Stripe longboard by Santa Cruz is 33 inches in length and 9.2 inches wide. It’s a perfect beginner longboard for anyone that is convinced on the pintail design.

The deck is made from 9 plies and comes complete with 180mm Bullet trucks and 60mm Slimeballs OG Slime wheels.

This longboard comes with a great setup and is ready to ride right as it comes out of the box. That being said, you may want to change the tightness of the trucks depending on how tight or loose you prefer the trucks to be on your longboard.

Best Budget Kicktail Longboard

Sector 9’s Eden kicktail longboard is the ideal budget beginner board. If your budget is under $200 and you have your heart set on a kicktail, this is the board for you.

The board is 34 inches in length, 8.75 inches in width, and made from a hybrid blend of bamboo and maple.

The components that come with the Eden kicktail are quite impressive! They come with Gullwing Mission trucks, 61mm Nineballs with 78A durometer, ABEC 5 Greaseball bearings, and 1.25″ riser pads.

Best Budget Drop Through Longboard

Still under $200 is the Sector 9 Drop Through longboard which is literally the perfect starter longboard. It comes in many different lengths from 33.5 to 41 inches, with a width of 9.75 inches.

The deck itself is made from 8 plies of maple, and as always with Sector 9, comes complete with incredible components. This drop through longboard comes with Gullwing Charger trucks, 70mm Nineballs with 78A durometer, and ABEC 5 Greaseball bearings.

This is a strong, durable, and smooth ride. Overall, this is the best beginner longboard if you have a budget and are interested in riding a drop through longboard.


You shouldn’t pay less than $150 for a regular-sized longboard, which is typically 33′ to 43′ in length, unless you buy it during a bargain sale. You won’t need to spend more than $250 on your first longboard unless you’re already hooked on the sport and want something high-performance and ultra-durable to follow you throughout your development.

A smaller cruiser for city riding may cost anywhere from $100 to $150, depending on the brand. Mini cruisers are tiny and agile, but high-quality trucks and high-performance wheels are included in some good ones.

Now that you know how much a longboard costs, you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you. You’ll also want to consider the different shapes and sizes of longboards before making your purchase. But don’t let that discourage you! Longboarding is a great activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels.

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