The Perfect Bag for Skateboarders: Skateboard Backpacks

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Do you love skateboarding? If you do, then you know that having the right gear is essential. A good skateboard backpack can make your experience a lot better.

In this blog post, we will discuss the best skateboard backpacks on the market and why you should consider buying one. We will also provide some tips on how to choose the right backpack for your needs. So, whether you are a beginner or an experienced skateboarder, read on to learn more about skateboard backpacks!

What Is A Skateboard Backpack?

Skateboard backpacks are designed to accommodate all of your skateboarding gear. Skaters have a lot of options when it comes to backpacks and bags; several prominent skating companies develop their own line that is created particularly for skateboard equipment.

These bags are also designed to be more comfy to wear while riding. They frequently have a lot of compartments and zip pockets on the inside, allowing you to neatly arrange all of your skateboarding gear.

Skateboard backpacks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as smaller fanny packs, drawstring bags, and bigger duffel skateboard bags. Keep in mind that skate bags are not a one use bag. The majority of the backpacks are multi-functional and made of polyester, so you’ll get a high-quality bag that can be used for regular day-to-day activities.

How To Carry A Skateboard On A Backpack

So there’s essentially two ways to carry a skateboard on your backpack. You can get yourself a skateboard backpack with straps. This is the easiest way. The skateboard is Velcroed or clipped upright into place.

If you don’t want to invest into a skateboard backpack, there is a way to carry your skateboard on you backpack. However, it can be somewhat uncomfortable and unconventional.

Put your skateboard through the straps of your backpack and let the side with the graphic rest against your back, with the grip tape facing the backpack. You may need to tighten the straps to make it more comfortable. The worst part about this method is that it makes you take up as much space as your skateboard is wide. Also, you might smack your elbows against the wheels.

Best Backpack With Skateboard Straps

The Element Mohave Skateboard Backpack (Grey)

The Element Mohave Skateboard Backpack is an incredible skate bag for the price. The Mohave Backpack may be used for a variety of purposes. This backpack is great for using over several days or for quick day trips since it has exterior skateboard straps and a large internal capacity of 30 liters.

Some of the features of the bag include:

  • Adjustable skateboard straps
  • Padded laptop sleeve (15″ laptop sleeve with Velcro closure)
  • Padded back and straps
  • 30L of storage space
  • 5 pockets

The dimensions of the bag are 46cm (height), 28cm (width), and 21cm (depth). Go check out the Mohave Backpack at Amazon.

What Do Skaters Keep In Their Backpacks?

Whether you’re planning on going on a trip or just going skateboarding for the day, it’s essential to have the proper tools on hand. Every serious skateboarder should have a backpack filled with the items that can help them if they wipe out or fix their board if something goes wrong. If you’ve made a trek, it’s not fun having to walk home because of a blown out bearing or bushing.

Here are some of the skateboard bag essentials to carry in your backpack:

  • Skate tool
  • Skateboard wax
  • Bearing lube
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Extra skate parts (bearings, hardware, and bushings)
  • Snacks
  • Headphones
  • Extra shoe laces
  • Bandages or a first aid kit

You don’t have to stock up on new spare parts, but keep the best of the old in your skate bag at all times. When you or a friend is skating and needs something, you’ll be glad that you did it one day.

Can You Skateboard With A Bag On?

In short, yes, you can skateboard while wearing a backpack. That being said, it’s much easier when there isn’t much weight in the bag.

Another thing to consider is that a backpack will restrict your movement. A bag will make it more difficult to perform a variety of tricks. However, you can always set your bag down while attempting whatever trick or line that you’re going for.

It’s also much easier when you keep your backpack straps tightened. It keeps the bag from shifting side-to-side.

Can A Skateboard Fit Inside A Backpack?

A skateboard will not fit inside a regular-sized backpack. However, for travelling purposes, a skateboard can fit inside a duffle bag or carry-on. Make sure the skateboard fits inside the bag and then check the dimensions that are considered a carry-on with whichever airline you’re travelling with.

If you’re planning on taking your skateboard with you while you travel you should do some research on which airlines allow skateboards. Here is an article about which airlines allow skateboards and which don’t.

Pro Tip: Remove the trucks from the skateboard to create more room inside of your backpack.


A skateboard backpack is an excellent way to transport your skateboard. It’s comfortable, stylish, and practical. You can find a skateboard backpack at most sporting goods stores or online retailers that sell skateboarding equipment.

When choosing a skateboard backpack, make sure to pick one with comfortable straps and plenty of room to store your skateboard and all of your other skating essentials. And always remember to keep your eyes peeled for special features like built-in speakers or dedicated pockets for holding tools and spare parts.

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