The Best Skateboard Pants: A Comprehensive Guide

the best skateboard pants

Skateboard pants should be comfortable and somewhat stretchy or slightly loose. They shouldn’t be loose enough that they look messy and shouldn’t be tight enough that they make performing tricks difficult or constricted.

In this article we have highlighted all of the best skateboard pants to wear to look cool and feel comfortable.

What To Look For In Skateboard Pants

There are three main factors to look for when buying skateboarding pants; material, fit, and weight.


The best materials for skateboarding pants are either cotton, polyester, or a blend. Typically, you should look for pants with a blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex or elastane.

Polyester is lightweight and great for outdoor sports and activities. Elastane and spandex in the material blend will help add flexibility to the material.

Fit & Weight

Just like there are all types of body shapes, there are also many different types of fits for pants. The most common fits include relaxed, skinny, slim, straight, and classic fit.

For weight, you should consider lightweight material. Most light but durable pants will weigh around 9 ounces or so.

Dickie’s Skinny-Straight Double Knee Work Pant

Dickie’s has been a staple in skateboard fashion for decades. The fabric is flexible, allowing for comfort and ease of movement. They are also extremely easy to coordinate with whatever else you’d like to wear.

  • 81% Cotton, 18% Polyester, 1% Spandex
  • Flexible fabric
  • Stain and wrinkle-resistant
  • Machine washable
  • Reinforced double knee

The Dickie’s Skinny-Straight Double Knee Work Pants may not be loose fitting pants. However, they are very flexible for greater movement. These are some of the best skateboard pants on the market if you’re looking for a tighter fit of pants.

Volcom Solver Denim Jean

Volcom was founded in 1991, combining cultures of skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, music, and art. Since then they have continued to create products for those that are passionate in their sport that can help embody the lifestyle and enhance their ability.

The Solver Jeans are built to endure everything you can throw at them.

  • 92% Cotton, 7% Polyester, 1% Elastane
  • Straight-fit jeans
  • Resists tears and abrasions
  • Stretch provides maximum resiliency

Not only are the Volcom Solver Jeans great for skateboarding, they’re also great for the environment! Approximately 11 liters of water is saved with every pair when compared to regular denim washing techniques. With reformulated water-saving techniques, Volcom estimates to save around 4 million liters of water each year.

Santa Cruz Screaming Hand Jogger Sweatpants

Sweatpants are another great option of pants to wear skateboarding because they allow for full movement and maximum comfort. However, the best sweatpants are known as joggers. They have ankle cuffs so that the cuffs of the sweatpants won’t catch on anything.

These Santa Cruz Screaming Hand Jogger Sweatpants are a fantastic choice. Santa Cruz is a well known and trusted skateboard brand that makes boards, clothing, and accessories.

  • 7.2 ounce midweight fleece
  • Ribbed cuffs
  • Elastic and drawcord waistband

Stay warm on your next skate session with the newest sweatpants from Santa Cruz Skateboards.

Volcom Iconic Stone Fleece Sweatpants

As stated previously, Volcom creates clothing that is designed for board sports. So there is no contest when it comes to their Iconic Stone Fleece Sweatpants.

These Volcom sweatpants come in sizes small to XXL.

  • 80% Cotton, 20% REPREVE Recycled Polyester
  • Relaxed fit elasticated waistband jogger
  • Elastic ankle cuff
  • Machine washable

These are your traditional loose-fit sweatpants. They’re not heavyweight sweatpants, but they’re not exactly light either. These are perfect for skating on a cool day without too much wind.

Volcom Frickin Modern Fit Stretch Chino Pants

The Frickin Modern Stretch pants are a suitable choice for dressy or casual situations, thanks to its versatile design and premium mix of recycled polyester and high-quality cotton.

These chinos are ideal for skateboarding because of their fit and stretch. They are both stylish and comfortable.

  • 59% Cotton, 39% Polyester, 2% Elastane
  • Machine washable
  • Modern fit
  • Brushed fabric interior for ultimate softness and comfort

The Volcom modern stretch chino pant is ideal for a skateboard or at the workplace. The blend of comfortable cotton and polyester has a little elasticity to ensure you get full range of motion. These chinos come loaded with details such as the stone embroidery, the Volcom flag on the back pocket, and an asymmetrical back yoke.

How Can You Cuff Your Pants Like a Pro Skateboarder?

Not all skateboarders wear baggy pants. If you don’t have joggers or pants with an ankle cuff, here is a quick tutorial to cuff your pants like a pro skater:

  1. Grab the side seam from the leg opening.
  2. Fold it to the back at a width enough to make your pants taper your legs.
  3. Roll the bottom seams upward at around an inch.
  4. Fold it again upwards and flatten each fold to make them look neat.
  5. Keep folding up until you achieve your desired length.

If you bought long, but already tapered pants, there’s no need to complete the first two steps.

What Pants Should I Wear When Skateboarding

Skateboard pants are not defined by a specific style. The type of pants to skate in should be determined by your body type and preference, much like the fit of all of your other clothing.

Skateboarders’ most comfortable and most frequent style is work pants. This kind has a straight cut, allowing the skater to move freely and completely. It makes performing tricks easier and less restricted.

Another best-suited style for skateboarding is baggy pants. This type allows complete range of motion, which is essential for this sport. However, you should cuff your pants if they are baggy.

Tips to Choose The Perfect Size of Pants

To choose the proper size of skateboard pants you should know your waist and hip size in inches. Knowing the accurate measurement is even more important when you purchase online because you don’t get to try them on.

On the website that you’re doing your shopping, take a look at the size chart of the specific pants. Each brand and each fit of pants will have a different size chart that shows you exactly which pair of pants to purchase depending on your measurements.

You can also measure a pair of pants that you already own and wear regularly and compare. Or when in doubt, order multiple sizes and return the ones that don’t fit.


Skateboarding pants are not as difficult to pinpoint as you might think. There is a very wide selection of skateboard pants available online and in stores that you would be able to find whatever style best suits your body type, preference, and budget.

The best type of pants for skateboarding would be the ones that are loose. While jeans and chinos can also work, they make your movement restricted. Regardless of what style you choose to wear while skating, remember that safety is always first.

So there you have it! Good luck purchasing your new pair of pants!

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