9 Best Female Skateboarders in the World

Lizzie Armanto

There are many incredible skateboarders in the world. However, we don’t hear about as many women skateboarding as men. That’s because men dominate the sport, accounting for 77.1% of all skaters. With that, we decided it was time to talk more about some of the best female skateboarders.

Here are some of the best female skaters in the world today:

  • Lizzie Armanto
  • Samarria Brevard
  • Leticia Bufoni
  • Margielyn Didal
  • Rayssa Leal
  • Sabre Noris
  • Alexis Sablone
  • Kate Shengeliya
  • Elissa Steamer

Lizzie Armanto

Lizzie Armanto was born in Santa Monica, California on January 26, 1993. Lizzie, or Elizabeth Marika Armanto, is an American-Finnish professional skateboarder. She began skateboarding in 2007 and won a gold medal in the 2013 X Games.

In 2017, Lizzie was the first woman to be featured on the cover of Transworld Skateboarding. She has also graced many covers of Thrasher Magazine.

She’s also the first female skater to complete Tony Hawk’s 360 Loop, in addition to being a major character in the Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 video game. With over 30 honors on her mantle, as well as winning the inaugural Gold X-Games Women’s Park event in 2013, Lizzie has paved the road for future generations of female skateboarders.

Lizzie is sponsored by Girl Skateboards, Royal Trucks, Vans, and Spitfire. She continues to be regarded as the best female skateboarder in the world.

Samarria Brevard

Samarria Brevard is a goofy-footed American skateboarder and musician. She was born on September 22, 1993, in Riverside, California.

Samarria is actually the first black female to ever have her own professional model skateboard.

In 2016, Samarria was a part of the inaugural Skate Like a Girl tour which encouraged young women in skateboarding.

Her best friend is fellow female skater Lizzie Armanto and she’s been featured several times on Transworld magazine. She rides for Crailtap Distribution, Diamond Supply Co, Spitfire Wheels, Mob Grip, and Ghetto Child Wheels.

Samarria is best known for her stunts and tricks that give a great sense of fluidity to the way she skates. She’s also an accomplished musician, playing several instruments including drums, guitar, keys/synth, bass, and vocals.

Leticia Bufoni

Born on April 13, 1993, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Leticia Bufoni is best known for her incredible street skateboarding. She began skating at the age of 12 and has since turned pro at 18 years old.

At the age of 14, she went to Los Angeles for the 2007 X Games, but she never boarded her flight back home after the event.

Realizing that Los Angeles was the best place to be if she wanted to become the greatest skater possible, Bufoni made the brave decision to move there alone.

She enrolled at Hollywood High School and aimed to become one of the best female skateboarders, which she accomplished in only two years when she won first place in Street at the 2009 Maloof Money Cup.

Since then, Bufoni’s career has taken off. She won three X Games gold medals in 2013, became a pro in 2017 with Plan B Skateboards, and claimed gold in Street at the X Games in 2018, 2019, and 2021.

Bufoni was the first woman on the cover of The Skateboard Mag, the first woman signed to the Nike SB team, and she starred in her own reality TV show in Brazil.

It’s no wonder that Bufoni is one of the best female skaters and a role model for women all around the world.

Margielyn Didal

Margielyn Arda Didal is a professional street skateboarder from the Philippines who rose to prominence when she took home a gold medal in the 2018 Asian Games.

She was born on April 19, 1999, in Cebu City, Philippines.

Margielyn Didal, a street skater from the Philippine city of Cebu, began skating when she was just 12 at the late Concave Park. She had to practice her skate craft in the city jungle while evading security guards and being ejected from shopping malls across town.

Margie won gold in the women’s skateboard competition at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta, Indonesia, after just seven years of skateboarding.

By December 2019, she had won a gold medal at the Southeast Asian Games and was third in the who’s-who of the Tampa Women’s Open in early 2020.

In 2021, Margielyn represented her country in the Tokyo Olympics and was ranked in the top 20 in the women’s street event.

Rayssa Leal

Jhulia Rayssa Mendes Leal was born on January 4, 2008. She is a Brazilian skateboarder who won a silver medal in women’s street skateboarding at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan.

She began skating when she was just three years old and started competing professionally at the age of 11.

Rayssa Leal is best known for her incredible rail maneuvers that are balanced to give a sense of fluidity to her tricks. She also has an impressive repertoire of flip tricks on flat ground as well as a strong focus on pop and power.

In 2021, Rayssa Leal participated in the Tokyo Olympics where she was ranked number one in women’s street skateboarding.

Sabre Noris

Sabre Noris is a surfer, skateboarder, and YouTuber from Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.

Sabre had another excellent year in 2018, winning SILVER MEDAL at the X GAMES and the prestigious Bondi Bowlarama. Sabre also took second place at the Vans Park Series Oceania Championships. June 2018 saw Sabre win her spot in the 2018 X Games by winning the X Games qualifier in Boise, Idaho.

In late 2016, Sabre was a hit as a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she was referred to as “one of my favorite people I met this year, and she’s going to be one of yours.” Her interview was a smash that has been viewed over 55 million times around the world.

However, it is in the water where Sabre truly shines. Sabre has received high praise from a variety of key surf industry experts and personalities. When she was only 11 years old, Sabre was one of the youngest Wildcard entries ever selected to compete in a WSL Event, when she took part in the Sydney International at Cronulla Beach

Learn more about Sable Norris.

Alexis Sablone

Alexis Sablone is a goofy-footed American professional skateboarder, who ranked 12th in the world as of July 2021. She has competed in every X Games competition since 2009, the World Skateboarding Championship, and skated on the Dew Tour. 

Alexis claimed seven X Games medals with three golds, two silvers, and two bronzes in women’s street.

In 2001, Alexis Sablone made her first mark on the skate world as the breakout star of a classic skateboard video from a now-defunct shop in Boston called Coliseum.

Sablone is an artist, architect, animator, and Olympian, as one of the core members of the United States’ first skateboarding team.

Kate Shengeliya

Kate Shengilya, jokes that she was born to skate. For starters, Shengeliya’s birthday is on June 21, Go Skateboarding Day. And as a schoolgirl, Shengilya’s name was always listed by her last initial and first name, S. Kate. S.kate. Skate.

Shengilya is from Moscow, and she debuted at X Games in Austin, Texas, in 2015. She was a last-minute addition to the Women’s SKB Street Final at XG Minneapolis 2017 after another skater was injured late in the year, finishing 12th.

Shengeliya placed 85th overall in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics for skateboarding.

Elissa Steamer

Elissa Steamer, born July 31, 1975, is one of the best American professional skateboarders.

Elissa Steamer’s impact on skateboarding went far beyond her ability to ride a board. Elissa’s role in Welcome to Hell (1996), which featured her as the only female skater in a major video and innovatively introduced skateboarding to people, had extra significance because she was essential in presenting skateboarding in an entirely new light.

Elissa Steamer has been a well-known figure in skateboarding since 1996.

She’s best known for her work with renowned brands like Toy Machine, Baker, Zero, Etnies, and Nike. Her digital image was included in the original Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. She’s appeared in some of skateboarding’s best films, including Welcome to Hell, Baker Bootleg, and Baker2g.

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