Can I Bring A Skateboard On A Plane? (Answered)

can you bring a skateboard on a plane
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You can bring your skateboard on a plane as checked baggage, however, standard baggage policies will apply. It can also be substituted for your carry-on. For your carry-on, the length of your board cannot exceed 62 inches in length and must weigh less than 50 lbs.

Alternatively, if your skateboard fits under your seat, it can be stowed away there without a bag or coverage, you just need to make sure the wheels are facing up so it does not roll. If your board is stowed in an overhead bin, you need to cover the wheels using a plastic bag first. This only applies to a few airlines. Most airlines will not allow you to have your skateboard as a carry-on and will make you check them as baggage instead.

Cruisers and short longboards can also be carried on a plane. However, electric boards usually can’t be brought on unless you remove the batteries. We’ll learn more about electric skateboards later in this article.

Most Skateboard-Friendly Airline

The airline that is most skateboard-friendly is South-West Airlines. They provide their customers with the most accurate and readily available information on their website. Not to mention, many skaters only have positive experiences when bringing their skateboards on board their planes.

There are no added fees for your skateboard and you’ll have no issues when going through security. That being said, below we have a list of some other airlines that were contenders for the top spot.

List Of Airlines & Rules Regarding Carrying Skateboards

Policies vary for every airline. However, most airlines will allow you to bring your skateboard as long as you abide by their regulations. Here is a list of the most common US airlines and their policies regarding skateboards.

Make sure to take a look at their websites, as they sometimes update these policies.

Alaska AirAccepted as checked baggage, provided a skateboard is properly packed in a soft or hard-sided case designed specifically for the equipment. Fees may apply.
American AirlinesAmerican Airlines doesn’t allow you to bring your skateboard on a plane as a carry-on. You’ll need to check it in and might be charged the same fee as the 1st or 2nd bag fee of your destination. Your board shouldn’t weigh more than 50 lbs and can’t be longer than 62 inches.
Delta Air LinesDelta states that skateboards are allowed as carry-on but they shouldn’t exceed 45 inches in length.  
Hawaiian AirlinesHawaiian Airlines allows a carry-on bag with a maximum size of 45 inches (9x14x22) and/ or 25 pounds. This means you need to check in your skateboard, extra fees may be applied. 
JetBlueJetblue accepts skateboards in checked bags as long as they are smaller than 22 inches in length.  
United AirlinesMax dimensions = (22 x 14 x 9 in) or 115 centimeters (56 x 36 x 23 cm) this includes handles and wheels. Be prepared to check them in! United Airlines only accepts non-powered skateboards so you won’t be able to bring your electric skateboard. Policy
Air CanadaAir Canada allows you to bring your skateboard as a carry-on. Max 50 lbs. and 62 inches.
Southwest AirlinesMake sure the wheels face up while keeping them covered with something like a trash bag to prevent the board from damaging other people’s property.

Remember to double-check the policies before your flight as they do tend to change over time. If you’re not certain, give the airline a call to be certain and to avoid additional fees. Many airlines claim that you can bring your skateboard as a carry-on but you need to be sure that it’s not over their size restrictions, as a larger board may need to be checked as baggage.

Don’t Worry Much About The TSA

The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) allows skateboards in checked bags. They can also be brought in a carry-on or as a carry-on. However, the airlines each have their own restrictions and regulations.

The TSA also asserts that “The final decision rests with the TSA officer on whether an item is allowed through the checkpoint.” To learn about all of the items that you can and cannot bring through the airport, check out the TSA website.

The TSA doesn’t want any issues. If you’re given a hard time, remain polite and respectful and try negotiating with them to find a solution.

Be Careful With Connecting Flights Abroad

When you start considering connecting flights, that is where things can start to get more complicated. Each airline (and some airports) has its own set of rules. It is very important to coordinate your flights properly.

One airline may allow you to bring a skateboard as a carry on while the next asks you to check it with your baggage. Plan your flights ahead of time and make sure to read the policies for each airline.

How To Pack A Skateboard For Air Travel

Skateboard attached to the bottom of a duffle bag for travel.

The easiest way to get your board on a plane is by disassembling it. If you have a skateboard backpack, you can put the trucks inside and strap the deck in. If you don’t have one, then a duffle bag would work as well.

Some duffle bags have straps (like the image above) that make it easy to attach your board. If not, you’ll have to be creative. You can put the skateboard on top of the duffle bag and use the hand straps to keep it in place or if you’re really desperate, use string or tape.

Make sure that your skateboard is packed in a convenient manner for airport security and they will likely make your time spent in the airport much easier. Get to your gate early to get to the front of the line and be friendly to the airport staff. Keep your skateboard packed in the best way and you shouldn’t have any issues.

Can You Bring An Electric Skateboard On A Plane?

To be quite frank, you should not attempt bringing an electric skateboard onto a plane. Most airlines do not allow E-skateboards, scooters, or bikes on planes because their batteries are a potential fire hazard.

Some people argue that they have brought their electric boards by removing the battery and putting it in their backpacks. However, if you get turned down at security you either need to miss your flight or trash your board.

In my opinion, it’s not worth it. Still, if you really want to bring it with you then check which airlines allow electric skateboards and make sure to follow all of their regulations.

Can I Take My Skateboard On A Train Or Bus?

You can bring your skateboard on any bus, train, subway, or streetcar. You can even bring electric skateboards!

The only exception is gas-powered skateboards. They are usually not permitted, however, you may be able to get away with it if you’re polite and keep your head down.


In conclusion, the most skateboard-friendly airline is South-West Airlines. You can also bring your skateboard on any bus, train, subway, or streetcar. Just be mindful of the TSA’s rules and regulations and you should be good to go!

Skateboarding is a great way to get around and it’s also eco-friendly. However, when travelling with a skateboard, you need to be aware of the different rules and regulations that each form of transportation has. The most important thing is to plan ahead so that you can avoid any stressful situations. Do your research and be prepared so that you can enjoy your trip!

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