Can You Skateboard If You’re Overweight? (Answered)

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Like most things, skateboards have weight capacities. Typically, skateboards can hold between 220 – 300lbs without any worries. However, the weight that a skateboard can safely hold varies depending on the type of skateboard, type of wood, and whether or not the skateboard is reinforced with carbon fiber.

Skateboards will comfortably hold your weight if you’re under 300lbs and looking to cruise. That being said, they are more likely to snap if you’re over 220lbs and attempting flip tricks or grinds.

What Is The Weight Limit Of A Skateboard?

Your average skateboard deck can safely hold up to 220lbs without breaking or getting pressure cracks. Scientifically speaking, the official weight limit for a regular skateboard is 272.3lbs. The official maximum weight limit for skateboards was determined by testing speed, thrust, and ease of maneuver.

That being said, every board will eventually break from wear and tear no matter the weight of the skateboarder. Some really thin skateboarders (especially pros) go through decks every couple weeks or months.

To make sure that your board can hold at least 220lbs, make sure that it is 8.00” in width (at least) and has seven or eight layers of North American maple wood. To add even more flexibility and durability, try purchasing a deck that has carbon fiber discs at the truck mounts.

What Is The Weight Capacity For A Longboard?

The average weight capacity of a longboard is 300lbs. That being said, there are a few things that can affect the weight limit of a longboard such as the type of wood that it’s made from, the size and shape of the board, and the trucks, bearings, and wheels.

The most common wood that a longboard deck is made from is typically maple or bamboo. Bamboo boards can comfortably hold up to 300lbs, whereas maple can safely hold 220 to 260lbs. 

When considering the width of a longboard, those that are between 7 and 9 inches in width are suitable for riders between 200 to 250lbs. Longboards that are 10 inches or wider will have a higher weight capacity.

It’s also important to note that the more plies that a longboard has, the more durable it will be.

How Much Weight Can A Skateboard Hold In KG?

Considering that the weight limit of a skateboard is 272.3lbs, the conversion into kilograms (kg) is 123.5 kg.

The official weight limit for a longboard is 136 kg (300lbs), and the weight limit for a penny board is 87 kg (192lbs).

Does Weight Affect Skateboarding?

Yes, weight does affect your ability to skateboard. Your weight shouldn’t mean that you can’t skateboard but you may need to opt for a different size or style of board when you’re first starting out.

When buying your first skateboard, be careful to read through all of the features and specifications before making your purchase.

First of all, when you begin skateboarding you need to accept that decks will break. It doesn’t mean that you weigh too much – even children break skateboards. You’ll be much less likely to break a skateboard if you learn how to land on the deck properly.

To land properly, try landing on the bolts of the trucks and slightly bend your knees as the wheels come back into contact with the pavement.

You might also notice that weight plays a big factor in speed on hills. Heavier skaters tend to get a lot of momentum when they ride down hills. However, a disadvantage is that speed can lead to injuries while skateboarding.

Who Is The Heaviest Professional Skateboarder?

The current heaviest professional skater is Danny Way, weighing in at 180lbs. Even being the heaviest pro, Danny Way has broken multiple skateboarding records including the highest air. He first broke the world record in 1998, getting 16.8 feet of air but then broke his own record three more times.

In 2015, at the age of 41, Way broke his record for highest air once again, getting a total of 25.49 feet of air inside a halfpipe.

In 2004, Way also broke the world record at X Games for longest jump off of a ramp, jumping 79 feet.

Although 180lbs might not seem very heavy, it is quite heavy for a professional. After all, skateboarding is a cardio workout and therefore has many health benefits including healthy weight loss.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Skateboard If You’re Overweight

Skateboards come in many different shapes and sizes, and have many different components. Each of the components of a skateboard can be chosen to accommodate more weight.

Before purchasing any kind of skateboard that you can get your hands on you should learn what specifications will best suit you.

The first thing to consider before buying a skateboard is that the heavier you are, the more likely you are to break decks when landing tricks improperly. However, the more active you are on your skateboard the better you’ll get at landing and the more weight you can potentially lose.

Another thing that you should consider is to purchase each component of the skateboard separately. You might find certain wheels, trucks, and decks that have better weight capacities than their competitors.

What Is The Best Type Of Skateboard If You’re Overweight?

A longboard is the best type of skateboard for people that are overweight and a great place to start. Look for a longboard that is 9 inches wide or more and made out of carbon fiber or bamboo.

That being said, a lot of people that want to get into skateboarding want to do so in hopes of performing tricks which require a regular skateboard.

The best kind of skateboard if you’re overweight is a seven or eight-ply maple deck with carbon fiber reinforcements or a deck with a full layer of carbon fiber between the plies. The type of wood that a skateboard is made of is extremely important. 

You should also make sure to purchase your board from a reputable skateboard brand. Do not settle for a cheap skateboard.

The Best Skateboard Deck For Weight

Simply put, the wider the skateboard, the more weight it can handle. 

Get yourself a seven or eight-ply maple deck, preferably with carbon reinforcements at the truck mounts. Then, anything over 8.25” in width should be good. Ask to try out your friends skateboards and ask how wide they are.

You should also go to your local skateshop and ask to try out some of the boards there. However, you should try to stick with something between 8.25 to 8.75 inches wide when you’re starting out. 

The Best Skateboard Wheels For Weight

The best skateboard wheels for people that are overweight tend to be wheels with a larger diameter. You might have the best luck with wheels that are 55mm in diameter or larger. However, that may mean that you need to get riser pads to avoid getting wheel bite.

The larger the wheel, the better the balance and support will be when getting momentum.

Also, you need to consider the durometer (softness) of the wheel, as it plays a large role too. When you’re first starting out, try sticking to softer wheels, they’ll give you the best grip. A great choice for heavier skaters is a 78A durometer.

Learn more about the durometer of skateboard wheels.

The Best Skateboard Trucks For Weight

Skateboard trucks are what connects everything to the board and allow it to turn. If the trucks are made from high-quality material like aluminum alloy and steel or titanium, they can handle up to 350 lbs of weight.

It is alway recommended (no matter your weight) to get quality trucks from reputable skateboard truck brands, as the trucks are what keeps everything together and take a beating once you start getting into grinds.

Look for trucks that have a titanium or steel axle and never purchase trucks that are made from any material other than metal.

The Best Skateboard Bearings For Weight

Skateboard bearings won’t make a huge difference to the weight limit of your skateboard as long as you’re purchasing bearings from a reputable manufacturer like Bones, Mini Logo, Spitfire, Independent, Shake Junt, or Bronson Speed Co.

Here are some of the best skateboard bearings to purchase, as well as a full explanation on how ABEC ratings affect the quality and speed of your skateboard.


Now you know how much weight skateboards can hold on average and why it is so important to choose a skateboard according to your size and stature.

Instead of picking a skateboard because you like the graphic or design, you should follow these instructions to choose a skateboard that will be perfect for your size. This way you will not be limited by your weight, will be less likely to break the deck, and more likely to have a great time.

Remember that the wider that the board is, the more weight that it can handle. And when you’re attempting your first ollies try to land on the truck bolts.

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