How Many Calories Does Skateboarding Burn?

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Skateboarding is a great exercise and a great way to have fun. On average, skateboarding burns 300 to 420 calories per hour. However, the more rigorous your ride, the more calories you’ll burn. Some skaters burn up to 1000 calories or more in a single session.

Skateboarding is a great way to lose weight if you combine it with a healthy diet. Skateboarding also helps with mental health, building confidence, and keeping you healthy.

How Skateboarding Is A Good Workout

Skateboarding is a fantastic way to exercise both your mind and body. It makes you feel good about yourself and creates a good mood.

Skateboarding is a fantastic sport from a mental standpoint, but what about physically? Skateboarding is excellent for working on both your core strength and flexibility.

Some of the benefits of skateboarding include:

  • Full-body workout.
  • Good for improving your precision and coordination.
  • Makes it easier to learn other board sports such as snowboarding, surfing, and wakeboarding.
  • Can make you more patient and boost mental clarity.

Here’s How Many Calories You Burn Skateboarding

According to Harvard Medical school, a one-hour skateboarding session will burn 300, 372, and 444 calories for people who weigh 125, 155, and 185 pounds. This may be less effective than jogging or cycling, but it is still a fun way to lose weight.

Depending on your weight, you can burn between 1500 and 2220 calories each week if you skateboard for 5 hours per week. A great way to track how many calories you’re losing is by using a smart watch.

Add a healthy diet and another activity, and you’ll start burning off plenty of fat. In the end, it’s all about what you consume and drink, with sports a distant second. Fast food and exercise are worse than eating nutritious meals without exercising. You can’t outperform bad food in the gym unless you work out for five hours per day.

Can Skateboarding Help You Lose Belly Fat?

Skateboarding burns calories, just like every other form of exercise. However, the number of calories you burn varies depending on your skill level and the amount of time you spend skateboarding each day.

Don’t expect immediate results. Pushing a skateboard is less demanding than riding a mini ramp or performing tricks on the street. You might also burn more or fewer calories depending on the quality of your wheels and bearings.

Soft wheels and smooth bearings will save you more energy while hard wheels and inadequate bearings will prompt you to push more frequently. Longboards have larger, softer wheels than a typical skateboard. A longboard also has fewer moving parts than a standard freestyle board. Longboards have bigger, softer wheels than ordinary skateboards, but they have fewer components overall.

Skateboarding is similar to high-intensity interval training (HIIT). You’ll have an intense skate session while skating around the skatepark, and then you’ll pause. When you skate a small ramp or bowl, it’s easier to see. This is not something I can do for 15 minutes straight. Soon, your legs begin to burn and your heart begins to race.

Is Skateboarding Good Cardio

If you skateboard moderately, it is not a cardiovascular workout. It can be difficult to get your heart rate at a cardio pace and keep it there for an extended period of time while skateboarding. However, you can achieve this by longboarding. Still, it is less effective than cycling or other forms of cardio training.

Which Muscles Do You Use While Skateboarding?

Skateboarding requires a significant number of muscles. The core and the upper and lower legs are the most essential and most worked muscles in the sport.

Here’s a list of muscles used when skateboarding:

  • Core muscles
  • Quadriceps
  • Hamstrings
  • Gluteus Maximus, the main extensor muscle of the hip.
  • Upper and lower legs

Core Muscles and Core Strength

Skateboarding is a fantastic core exercise that also improves core strength. The core is crucial for skateboarding since it keeps your body stable and improves your balance.

Skateboarding is a great sport for kids to learn how to balance. As you’re sure to come across unsteady surfaces, maintaining balance is critical. Your abs are also part of your core, so there’s another incentive. Skateboarding can help you develop and define your abs!


The quadriceps, also known as the quads, are four muscles that extend your knee and flex your hip joints. They’re a muscle group that forms the front of your thighs.

Tricks like ollies need hip flexion and knee extension. When you ollie, for example, you’ll want to be able to bring your knee towards your chest. You should also be able to bend your torso toward your hip while keeping your quadriceps flexed.

Gluteus Maximus

The gluteus maximus is one of the most powerful muscles in your body, situated at the rear of your thighs. The muscle enables you to skateboard while maintaining your balance because it allows for movement of your hip and thigh.

When you ollie, you’ll go from a lower or crouched posture to an upright one. When you extend like in the example, your gluteus maximus is activated.


Hamstrings flex your knee and bring your calves to the back of your thigh. Skateboarding heavily relies on your hamstrings, which help you to bend your knees.

Your hamstrings, like the other muscles in this article, aid in maintaining a lower center of gravity while you move yourself to a lower stance.


Can skateboarding help lose weight? Yes, absolutely! This sport uses up all muscles in your leg including core strength as well as upper/lower legs when executing tricks or riding fast for long distances on different surfaces such as ramps or half-pipes.

Skateboarding can get pretty intense so if you don’t keep up with your endurance levels by eating properly there won’t be much improvement. It takes time but consistency really pays off!

Your legs should feel sore after every session even though I know this is not always the case for everyone, especially beginners who usually start of light-weighted compared to experienced skaters. The more often you do something like biking or running, the easier it becomes because muscle memory kicks in rather quickly allowing you to become very efficient at the movement.

Skateboarding is a great sport to lose weight and it’s also pretty fun! You will be surprised at how many calories you can burn with this activity in a short period of time, which makes it even more engaging. It’s an intense form of exercise where you use your entire body that gets stronger the more often you do it.

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