Can You Put Longboard Trucks On A Skateboard? (Explained)

can you put longboard trucks on a skateboard deck

Some people will tell you that you cannot put longboard trucks on a skateboard. However, with a few modifications you can definitely add longboard trucks and wheels to your skateboard. But you might get a few weird looks or questions.

First thing is first, by putting longboard trucks on your skateboard you are essentially turning it into a cruiser and you will no longer be able to do regular skateboard tricks. That’s right, your board will act more like a cruiser but with the body of a skateboard.

Cruisers are great for commuting, going fast, and staying balanced at high speeds but the tricks are completely different. You most likely won’t be able to get pop on your board if you add longboard trucks and wheels to it, eliminating the ability to do flip tricks.

Longboard Trucks vs Skateboard Trucks

The main differences between longboard trucks and skateboard trucks lie in their design and functionality. Here are the key distinctions:

  1. Size and Width: Longboard trucks are typically wider and longer than skateboard trucks. Their larger size provides stability and better control for cruising and high-speed riding. Skateboard trucks are narrower and shorter, designed for maneuverability and performing tricks.
  2. Turning Radius: Longboard trucks have a larger turning radius, allowing for smoother and wider turns. This feature is advantageous for carving and cruising at higher speeds. Skateboard trucks have a smaller turning radius, enabling sharper and more responsive turns required for tricks and technical maneuvers.
  3. Kingpin Placement: The kingpin is the large bolt that holds the truck components together. In longboard trucks, the kingpin faces outward, away from the center of the board. This design enhances stability and facilitates deep carving. Skateboard trucks, on the other hand, have the kingpin facing inward, toward the center of the board, allowing for greater maneuverability and easier execution of tricks.
  4. Bushings: Longboard trucks usually come with softer bushings that provide a more relaxed and forgiving ride. Softer bushings allow for smoother turns and better absorption of vibrations. Skateboard trucks often feature harder bushings for increased stability during landings and precise control during tricks.
  5. Purpose: Longboard trucks are primarily designed for cruising, downhill riding, and longboarding disciplines. They excel in providing stability, speed, and comfort over long distances. Skateboard trucks are specifically engineered for street skateboarding and performing tricks on ramps, rails, and other urban obstacles.

It’s important to note that while it is possible to modify a skateboard by adding longboard trucks, it fundamentally changes the board’s purpose and capabilities. The decision to use longboard trucks on a skateboard should be based on personal preferences and intended riding style.

What Do You Need To Put Longboard Trucks On A Skateboard?

You might need riser pads (and they are very encouraged) if you attempt to turn your skateboard into a cruiser.

To turn your skateboard into a cruiser you are going to need:

  • Longboard trucks (x2)
  • Longboard wheels (x4)
  • ⅛ to ¼ inch riser pads (x2)
  • Skate hardware (1” with ⅛” risers or 1 ⅛” with ¼” risers)
  • Skate tool
  • Grip tape
  • A drill
  • An instrument to sand wood

Other than that, you may want to get tougher bushings for your longboard trucks. Medium to hard bushings should help prevent against wheel bite even more.

How To Put Longboard Trucks On A Skateboard

longboard and skateboard side by side showing the difference in trucks

To put longboard trucks on your board you need to make sure that the truck mount holes line up. If they don’t, you’re going to need to drill new holes. 

  1. Lay your board down and place the trucks on top, lining up the furthest holes on the trucks with the furthest holes on the deck. If all four holes match, you’re good to go. If they don’t you’re going to need to mark where to drill the holes with a pencil or sharpie and fill in the old holes. 
  2. You can fill the holes in with sawdust and wood glue. If you had to fill in the holes, replace the grip tape before mounting the longboard trucks.
  3. Make sure the trucks are facing the right way. When setting up a longboard or cruiser, the trucks should look opposite of how you’d mount them on a skateboard. Instead of facing in, the kingpin on longboard trucks face outwards.
  4. Once the trucks are mounted to the board, add your choice of cruiser or longboard wheels. 

The wheels will hang out over the edge of the board naturally. However, this might cause wheel bite. If you have a wheel bite, you need to add riser pads, sand down the area right above the wheels, or both. 

In my opinion, you should get ¼ inch riser pads and sand down the deck above the wheels. To do this, use either a belt sander or a hand-held sander. You can also use sandpaper by hand but this will take a long time. 

Pros Of Putting Longboard Trucks On Your Skateboard

Using longboard trucks on your skateboard has many benefits. Just take a look at some of the pros to adding longboard trucks and wheels to your deck:

  • Better for commuting, as they add speed and balance.
  • Can perform longboarding and cruising tricks.

Cons Of Putting Longboard Trucks On Your Skateboard

To every yin there is a yang, and so although longboard trucks will give your board more speed and stability, it comes at a cost.

  • Longboard trucks mean that you may no longer be able to do traditional skateboard tricks and if you can they will be much more difficult.
  • You are at higher risk of getting wheel bite. Wheel bite can either slow your board down while you are turning or throw you off.

Choosing the Right Longboard Trucks for Your Skateboard

When it comes to selecting the right longboard trucks for your skateboard, there are a few factors to consider. Here’s a breakdown of what you need to know:

  1. Brand and Quality: Opting for reputable longboard truck brands is crucial for durability and performance. Brands like Paris, Caliber, and Bear are known for producing high-quality longboard trucks that can withstand the demands of cruising and carving.
  2. Materials: Longboard trucks are commonly made of aluminum or other lightweight metals to provide strength without excessive weight. Look for trucks with high-quality materials that offer a balance between durability and weight savings.
  3. Truck Styles: Longboard trucks come in various styles, including reverse kingpin (RKP) and traditional kingpin (TKP). RKP trucks are the most common choice for cruisers as they provide stability and smooth turns. TKP trucks, on the other hand, are more commonly used for traditional skateboard setups, focusing on maneuverability and tricks. Ensure you choose RKP trucks for a cruiser-oriented skateboard.
  4. Width and Compatibility: Consider the width of your skateboard deck when selecting longboard trucks. It’s important to choose trucks that match the width of your deck for optimal performance and stability. Most longboard trucks are designed to fit a range of deck widths, but it’s always a good idea to double-check the compatibility before making a purchase.
  5. Bushing Hardness: While not directly related to longboard trucks, considering the hardness of the bushings is important. Softer bushings offer more fluid and responsive turning, while harder bushings provide stability during high-speed rides. Experimenting with different bushing hardness levels can help you fine-tune the performance of your cruiser skateboard.

Remember, selecting the right longboard trucks for your skateboard is about finding the right balance that suits your riding style and preferences. Take the time to research and read reviews from fellow riders to make an informed decision that will enhance your cruising experience.

Once you’ve chosen the right longboard trucks, follow the steps outlined earlier to properly install them on your skateboard and embark on a whole new riding adventure.

Tips for Riding a Skateboard with Longboard Trucks

Riding a skateboard with longboard trucks can be a unique experience that requires some adjustment in your riding style. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your skateboard with longboard trucks:

Embrace the Cruising Mentality

Remember, with longboard trucks on your skateboard, you’ve transformed it into a cruiser. Embrace the cruising mentality and enjoy the smooth, flowing ride that comes with it. Focus on carving, maintaining balance, and exploring your surroundings rather than attempting traditional skateboard tricks.

Adjust Your Stance and Weight Distribution

Riding a skateboard with longboard trucks often requires a slightly different stance and weight distribution. Keep your feet slightly wider apart and distribute your weight more evenly across the deck. This will provide better stability and control while cruising and carving.

Master the Carving Technique

Carving is a fundamental skill when riding a skateboard with longboard trucks. Practice leaning into your turns, shifting your weight from heel to toe as you carve back and forth. This will allow you to maintain speed, control, and fluidity in your rides.

Get Comfortable with Wide Turns

Due to the larger turning radius of longboard trucks, you’ll need to get accustomed to wider turns compared to a traditional skateboard. Start by taking wider arcs while turning and gradually adjust your turning technique to find your optimal radius.

Maintain a Relaxed Riding Style

Longboard trucks are designed to provide stability and a smoother ride. Relax your body and adopt a more fluid riding style to fully enjoy the benefits. Avoid unnecessary tension in your muscles, as it can hinder your ability to flow with the board.

Practice Speed Control

Longboard trucks can offer increased speed compared to traditional skateboard setups. It’s important to practice speed control techniques such as foot braking or sliding to ensure your safety and maintain control when riding at higher velocities.

Explore Different Terrains

With longboard trucks on your skateboard, you’ll have the opportunity to explore various terrains beyond the typical skatepark or street. Take advantage of the stability and comfort provided by your cruiser setup and venture out to different surfaces like bike paths, boardwalks, or smooth hills for a unique riding experience.

skateboard with longboard trucks on it


It is definitely possible to put longboard trucks on your skateboard. However, you’re also going to need longboard wheels, riser pads, new hardware, and a few power tools.

That being said, you will effectively turn your regular skateboard into a cruiser that gets people’s heads turning. Not only does it look cool and different, it’s a really fun project to work on.

Be careful when putting longboard trucks and wheels onto your skateboard and make sure to follow all of these steps. One mistake could mean you need to purchase a new deck or cause injuries while you’re out riding.

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