Why Is My Skateboard Wobbly? (With Easy Fixes)

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Riding a skateboard is an exhilarating experience, but it can quickly turn frustrating when your skateboard starts to wobble. Speed wobbles are a common problem that many skateboarders face, and they can occur regardless of your skill level. If you’ve been struggling with a wobbly skateboard, this article is for you!

In this guide, we’ll explore the reasons why your skateboard may be unstable and provide some easy fixes to help you ride more smoothly. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned skateboarder, understanding the causes of a wobbly skateboard is essential for your safety and enjoyment. So, keep reading to discover why your skateboard is wobbly and how to fix it.

What Are Speed Wobbles?

Skateboard speed wobbles happen when the board begins to involuntarily wobble back and forth, increasing speed of the wobble. Speed wobbles can be caused by having too loose of trucks at a high speed or by incorrectly distributing your weight on the board.

You can correct speed wobbles in a few different ways:

  1. Distribute your weight evenly
  2. Tighten your trucks
  3. Purchase Bones Wheels Hardcore Bushings
  4. Get some bigger wheels

If you catch yourself in a speed wobble, the proper thing to do is to lean forward, bend your knees, and turn in the direction you want to straighten out.

wobbly skateboard being fixed

How Can You Fix A Wobbly Skateboard?

Fixing a wobbly skateboard depends on the issue at hand. So first you’re going to want to address the main issue. Is it wobbly because of loose trucks or because of soft bushings?

You can tell if your trucks are too loose by a few methods:

  1. Your wheels rub against the bottom of the deck when you turn, causing wheel bite.
  2. You can easily push the wheel against the deck with your bare hand or by leaning to one side while standing on it.
  3. You get speed wobbles when going fast.

However, if your trucks aren’t too loose then you know that you have an issue with soft bushings. This is another easy fix, go out and buy some harder skateboard bushings.

If Your Trucks Are Too Loose

Use your skate tool to tighten the kingpin, the bolt in the center of the trucks. Turn the skate tool to the right by a quarter turn at a time until the trucks feel as firm as you desire. Then of course go out and ride your skateboard a bit to test it out and then make more adjustments as needed.

If this doesn’t solve the problem your bushings might be too soft.

If Your Bushings Are Too Soft

Make sure you get the right bushings for your weight; see the chart for further information. If you want loose trucks, choose harder bushings. Alternatively, pick softer bushings if you prefer loose trucks.

>89lbs40 kg65a78a81a
90 to 119lbs40 to 54 kg80a83a85a
120 to 149lbs54 to 68 kg85a87a90a
150 to 179lbs68 to 81 kg88a90a93a
180 to 199lbs81 to 90 kg90a93a94a
200lbs+90 kg+91a94a100a

Is It Okay If My Skateboard Is Wobbly?

It’s okay if your skateboard rocks back and forth or if it wobbles a little bit. That being said, you do not want to get speed wobbles or for your trucks to be so loose that you get wheel bite.

If you are a speed demon and want to bomb hills, you definitely do not want your skateboard to wobble at all. Speed wobbles will definitely throw you off the board and can cause some serious injuries.

However, if you like loose trucks and do not plan on going super fast, it’s okay if the board wobbles a little bit. Just make sure that the wheels don’t touch the bottom of the deck when you put your weight fully to one side.

Other Possible Causes Of A Wobbly Skateboard

Sometimes your skateboard can become wobbly if the trucks are not properly attached. If this is the case, make sure that the hardware is tightly in place and looks even on the top of the board.

All 4 bolts and nuts must be used. Without all 4 bolts and nuts in place on each truck, the trucks will cause wobble and could even break the hardware. Some skaters will risk it and ride on just 2 or 3 bolts per truck, which is a terrible idea.

Hardware only costs about $2 to securely attach both trucks to your skateboard.

Why Are My Skateboard Trucks So Loose?

The movement on your trucks will vary over time. Bushings need time to break in and begin functioning properly after a few days of skating. However, if you bought a new complete that has loose trucks, it’s possible that the trucks haven’t been tightened properly or that the bushings are too soft.

Mass-produced complete skateboards often come with cheap trucks. Considering that a complete cost only $100 or so, some of the components have to be on the cheaper side. However, this often results in low-grade trucks and bushings.

As stated previously, bushings will start to do their job properly after a few rides. Don’t tighten the trucks immediately after purchasing the skateboard. Instead, let the bushings bearing in first.

Pro Tip: If you tighten bushings excessively, they can be crushed, reducing their response.

Why Are My Trucks Leaning To One Side?

New bushings sometimes lean to one side. So if you’ve bought a new skateboard, new trucks, or new bushings, you need to ride your board to break the new bushings in. It takes time for new bushings to do their job properly. However, once you break them in, your trucks will feel great again.

Your trucks can also lean to the side if you’re using old bushings. When your bushings get old or squished they can start leaning to one side.

When this happens, you should consider purchasing some new bushings.

Why Are My Skateboard Trucks Squeaky?

The most common reason for squeaky skateboard trucks is often because of new or old bushings. New bushings make a squeaky sound because they still need time to break-in. Whereas old bushing squeak because of the age and abuse from performing tricks over the years.

New skateboards are prone to getting slightly crooked trucks after performing flip tricks and ollies. Don’t be alarmed, the trucks will realign on their own once the new bushings are worked in.

Last but not least, check the pivot cup holder. It can occasionally make a squeaky noise. If it’s squeaking, remove the trucks hanger and apply a little bit of silicone lube to the pivot cup holder.

Why Are My Skateboard Trucks Making A Clicking Sound?

When your trucks make a clicking sound it’s often an old cup washer that is broken and moving around. Bushing washers are used to prevent the bushings from getting deformed by the pressure exerted on the trucks. There are two bushing washers on each truck.

If it’s old, your bushing washers can make the clicking sound every time that it moves. To fix this you have to remove the truck hanger and replace the bushing washers.

If the washer does not fit properly, consider replacing it with one that does. Washers are quite inexpensive. Ask your local skate shop or use online customer care to assist you in finding the correct size.

How To Replace Skateboard Bushings

To replace your bushings, you first need to remove the trucks from your skateboard and disassemble them. Make sure to really pay attention to how they were initially assembled or find the blueprints online.

What Tools Do You Need?

  • Skate tool or a socket wrench

Replacing Skateboard Bushings

  1. Remove the trucks from your skateboard
  2. Disassemble the trucks by removing the nut and kingpin
  3. Remove the first washer and bushing
  4. Pull the hangar off of the truck axle
  5. Remove the other washer and bushing
  6. Replace both washers and bushings and fix the hangar into place


Your skateboard can become wobbly because of loose trucks or soft, old, or broken bushings.

Speed wobbles, loose trucks, and clicking sounds can all be fixed with a few simple adjustments. Don’t get too discouraged if your new skateboard isn’t perfect out of the box. With a little bit of time and patience, you’ll have it riding like new in no time!

If you’re still experiencing problems with your skateboard, take it to a local skate shop for help. Skate shops are equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to diagnose and fix any issue you may be having. Many times they will even do it for free! So don’t be afraid to ask. They’re there to help. And who knows, maybe you’ll learn something new in the process!

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