Alameda Skatepark – City View Skate Park

alameda skatepark (city view skatepark)

City View skatepark (sometimes referred to as Alameda skatepark) is the only skatepark in Alameda and one of the better outdoor parks in the bay area. It has an incredible view of the city and some pretty cool features. 

This is a beginner and child-friendly park with a good fun box with small ledges and a variety of hips. The bowls have some considerably bad transitions, and the coping is sunken in which can make grinds extremely difficult. The biggest bonus of Alameda is that you’ll get to see one of the best views of San Fransisco that you can get from the East Bay.

Back in the park’s prime many pros from the Spitfire and Etnies teams would come to ride City View skatepark, including Bill Pepper. 

There is a good mix of street and vert skating, and enough riding room for everyone. However, in more recent years, Alameda is seeing more and more bikers. Still, this park can be pretty good if you want to skate alone. Come here at about 8 in the morning on a Thursday and there are only about 1 or 2 people here. It’s peaceful to skate.

Directions To Alameda Skatepark

People watching skateboarders showing off their tricks at Alameda skatepark.
People watching skateboarders showing off their tricks at Alameda skatepark.

Acquired in 1996, the City View skatepark is located on Alameda’s far west end in the former Naval Base. The park is 15,000 sq ft and features bowls, ledges, banks, quarter pipes, pyramid/funbox, metal coping, parking block, and hips.

Address: 1177 West Redline Avenue, Alameda 94501

Phone: 510-747-7550 for Patrick Russi, Recreation Manager 

Hours: Dawn to dusk (there are no street lights)

But if you can get out there on a cloudy night (and the weather isn’t too terrible) the lights from the Port of Oakland bounce off the clouds and light up the entire park.

Don’t forget:

  • Helmet
  • Knee Pads
  • Elbow Pads
  • Wrist Guards

Protective equipment is required, but not often enforced. However, police do come around and issue tickets. Also, at BoardCoast we always suggest wearing a helmet and pads. Don’t be a gnome, protect your dome.

Alameda Skatepark is the perfect place for both beginning and advanced skaters. The park has plenty of room with quite a few ramps, a large bowl, and a gazebo area for barbecuing. This is an amazing place to bring the entire family for an afternoon of fun, skateboarding, and food with an excellent view of the bay in the background.

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