Marseille Skatepark (Skatepark Du Prado) Marseille, France

marseille skatepark

Skatepark Du Prado, more commonly referred to as Marseille Skatepark or Bowl of Marseille, can be found on the beach of Plage De Prado in Marseille, France.

This world-renowned skatepark was once proclaimed to be the best skatepark in the world. It has been featured in many films, competitions, and in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2.

Marseille remains one of the best skateparks in all of Europe, second to Rattenberg, Austria.

Le Monde newspaper described it as “without doubt the most famous skatepark on the continent.”

Marseille Skatepark Features

Jean Pantaleo frontside grabs at Red Bull Bowl Rippers 2020 at Marseille Skatepark.
Jean Pantaleo frontside grabs at Red Bull Bowl Rippers 2020.

The setup of Marseille is stunningly perfect. There are hundreds of line possibilities, amazing hips, bowls, fast steel coping, and the spine that makes Marseille Skatepark. 

The Marseille bowl or Prado bowl was designed by Jean-Pierre Collinet and inaugurated in 1991.

The urban skatepark landscape is placed on one of the most scenic coastlines in the world. It is covered in graffiti artwork and remains lit throughout the night.

Skatepark Du Prado is both beautiful and expansive. As France’s largest outdoor skatepark, people from all over the world come here to grind the painted bowls and verts. Its unique style sets it apart from other parks around the globe and offers a fresh new experience.

  • The spine (1.70m) is made up of two half-pipes separated by the ridge which gives it the name, the spine.
  • In clover, formed of three small bowls of various sizes: the eight (1.80m and 2.20m), and the mega (2.70m)
  • The mini, for the street.

Directions To Skatepark Du Prado

Address: 199 Avenue Pierre Mendès France, 13008 Marseille, France

Hours: Open 24/7

Tourists will want to take the metro (red line) from St. Charles train station to Ste. Marguerite. From there, take bus 47 to the Vielle Chapelle stop. It is the first stop along the coastline. Then walk towards the water. There you’ll be able to see the legendary Marseille Skatepark.

Access to the park is free and remains lit throughout the night. Skateboards, rollerblades, scooters, and BMX are allowed in the park.

Reviews Of Marseille Skatepark

Skater performing at the Red Bull Bowl Rippers contest at Marseille Skatepark.
Skater performing at the Red Bull Bowl Rippers contest at Marseille Skatepark.

5 stars – Ed Hunt

“Iconic. A must-visit for any skater.”

5 stars – Thibault Ketterer

“Nice place to skate, although, there may be too many people”

5 stars – Cristina Miliacca

“Beautiful track divided into various bowls for skaters but also scooters, roller, and BMX. Overlooking the beach, it allows outdoor sports and sea air. It is truly a delight just to sit on a step to appreciate more and less skilled children and adults try their hand at ramps and tricks and while enjoying the Marseille winter sun which makes the climate mild even in early January.”

4 stars – Rudy Gambino 

“One of the only skatepark in Marseille that is nice. On the other hand, there are really (too) many people more often what makes it a little dangerous for beginners. But otherwise, it’s cool really.”

5 stars – Papsnono

“What to say about the bowl apart from the fact that it is just all just great for learning at all levels personally I ride in BMX and I learned in 1 hour to pass my first spine this little one but all the same it does a minimum of techniques to know how to do it the Park is divided into 3 parts a fairly soft part, another part with a larger spine with the bowl large enough and a last deeper part with 1 part can deep one other moderately deep and apart very deep good luck to those who wish to drop this part which is very complicated.”

5 stars – Retinsk

“Globally recognized, the Prado Bowl attracts riders from all over the world every year. It remains today one of the most beautiful Bowls with several parts, flow, elk, spine, mini, clover, and with a very deep part. The mornings are a little quieter with fewer people to ride in the Bowl.”

2 stars – Amateur Art

“World famous spot in front of the beach expert-expert level, put on protections because the bowls are deep, this skatepark is not very big and of an old design, a small street part for beginners, to ride at least once in his life but if you want to progress I advise against because too armored with people at the weekend.”

3 stars – William Bermudez

“The setting is very beautiful at dusk… mountain and seaside and then down against restaurant tourists and pub it says I find the bowl quite small and also the stands too.”

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