Mount Baldy Pipeline Outdoor Skatepark (San Antonio Dam)


The Mount Baldy Pipeline is a prime location that has been skated by some of the best skateboarders since the late ’70s and ‘80s. Mount Baldy has been highlighted and documented in countless magazines and skate videos such as Thrasher Magazine and Skate Slate.

Also known as the San Antonio Dam and Old Baldy, the Baldy Pipe is a fifteen-foot tall, 200-yard long pipe. It truly is one of the most legendary California skate spots.

Some local skaters having a skate sesh at Mt. Baldy Pipeline

Due to years of weathering and no maintenance, the bottom of the concrete is pretty rough, so it’s best to hit the pipe with some large, soft wheels. It’s also not a noob-friendly skate spot, so if you’ve never skated transition, practice before making the trek.

Word to the wise, locals skate here often. So if you’re planning to skate the pipeline it is best to be considerate and clean up and haul out any mess that you make before you leave.

Directions To Mount Baldy Pipe

Parking and directions to Mount Baldy.

Mt. Baldy Road, Claremont, CA 91711, United States

The pipe is not a public area, so we at Board Coast do not condone or endorse entering the site. Entering the field without a permit is considered trespassing.

Drive down N Mountain Ave from San Antonio Heights, up Mt. Baldy. Make a left turn onto Mt. Baldy Road and drive just over a mile to the construction site. There will be pipes and a shed on the left. The construction site will be the best place to park the car.

There is a trail to follow down the hill. It begins on the left side, where the fenced-off construction area is closest to the mountain. At the bottom of the entrance, the channel is just a short walk away.

If going to skate Old Baldy for a day, remember to bring a board, good friends, a camera, and maybe some snacks. It’s such a fun place to skate that you’ll want to stay awhile.

Best Wheels For Riding The Mount Baldy Pipeline

BMXers enjoying a ride at the Mount Baldy Pipeline.

Mount Baldy can still be pretty rough, so we advise those making the trek to bring brooms to sweep away any debris and rocks before riding.

That being said, good wheels will go a long way to help smooth the ride. The best wheels for skateboarding Baldy are going to be some large, soft wheels. The ideal specs will be wheels between 54mm and 60mm in diameter, the bigger, the better, and then some soft wheels will make a more enjoyable ride. Anything below a durometer of 99a, 99d, or 99du will make for the best softness in a wheel when riding the Mt. Baldy Pipeline.

Our favorite wheels to have on a board when riding Mt. Baldy is the following:

Ricta Clouds 78a Skateboard Wheels

Ricta Clouds 92A, perfect for all terrain.

Ricta Clouds will be some of the very best wheels for beginners or first-timers to Mt. Baldy. They’re perfect for skating over divots and cracks in concrete, which can be expected in this pipe.

  • 78a Durometer makes cruising over cracks, rocks, and twigs a breeze.
  • 56mm Diameter makes it a great everyday wheel.
  • Great for a first setup or a veteran’s corner-store cruiser.

Product Features:
Wheel Size: 56mm
Riding Surface: Smooth
Wheel Type: Filmer/Cruiser

Spitfire Formula Four 97A Classics Skateboard Wheels – 56mm

Spitfire Formula Four skateboard wheels.

The Spitfire Formula Four wheels are great, smooth wheels that are perfect for the street and skateparks alike. With 97 durometers, they’re going to be good enough to skate the Baldy pipe comfortably. But they will be much rougher than riding with soft wheels. If you’re in need of some hard wheels that will be good for Mount Baldy, then look no further.

Product Features:
Wheel Size: 56mm
Riding Surface: Smooth
Wheel Type: Street/Skatepark

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