Truckee Skatepark – Must Skate Spots In Northern California

Truckee Skatepark

Truckee Skatepark is quite possibly one of the best outdoor skateparks in all of California, for sure Northern Cali. With a limited amount of space and money, Truckee is proof that smaller skateparks can still be a fantastic ride. The trannys are flawless, the coping is excellent, and the layout is incredible. 

There are a few rules to be aware of for skating Truckee Skate Park. The first rule is that helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads are required at all times. Other rules of conduct include keeping the park clean, no amplified music, and to report all violations, graffiti, and vandalism. Also, to all the bikers out there, bikes are actually prohibited at Truckee.

Truckee is in the top 10 must-skates in Northern California and could be one of our favorite outdoor parks in the entire state.

Skateboarder grinding a box at Truckee Skatepark.
Grinding a box at Truckee Skatepark. Truckee, California.

Things To Bring For A Trip To Truckee

There are a few obvious things you’ll want to bring on a day trip to Truckee, California, like a skateboard. A GoPro or video camera should be packed as essential to tape all of the gnarly footage. A backpack filled with extra bearings, trucks, wheels, and a skate tool will never hurt. And it never hurts to pack an extra blank deck.

If you need some extra skate supplies, here are our favorites for riding outdoor parks:

Bearings – Bones Swiss Bearings
Trucks – Independent Stage 11 Skateboard Trucks
Wheels – Spitfire Formula Four Skateboard Wheels

Also, bring your wallet, plenty of water, and pack a lunch. If the weather’s nice, you might be there a while.

Skateboarder putting new wheels on his skateboard. From the essentials of a skateboarder's bag.
Skateboarder putting new wheels on his skateboard.

Directions To Truckee Skatepark

10695 Brockway Rd, Truckee, CA 96161, United States

From Highway 80, take Highway 267 South. Drive towards Kings Beach and North Lake Tahoe. Pass the 7/11 on the right, and the park will be just beyond that to the left, next to the baseball field.

It’s open 24 hours a day since it’s an outdoor park. One thing to note, though, is that they do not allow bikes of any kind in the park.

Overall, Truckee Skatepark is a well built concrete park that has plenty of bowls to ride, some beautiful pyramids, and blocks on the platforms. It can get a bit cramped on the nicest days when everyone feels like riding concrete waves.

Take a drive out to Truckee today and get your skate on. Just don’t forget to send us your demo tape when you’re finished.

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